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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: AAC -Application to amend a certificate
Date Opened: 11/8/1990
Date Closed: 1/24/1991
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03/25/1992FCC Form 489 evidencing completion of the Dover-New Philadelphia facilities, filed on behalf of applicant by J. Sanders.0
10/09/1991FCC Form 489, Notification of Status of Facililies, filed on behalf of applicant by J. Sanders.0
02/12/1991Amended Certificate No. 20 issued.0
02/01/1991Final tariff sheets PUCO No. 2 filed on behalf of the applicant by J. Sanders.0
01/24/1991Finding & Order granting application.0
01/18/1991Letter stating that the existing interconnection agreements between the applicant, Ohio Bell, and GTE North, Inc. will be applicable to the expanded service territory which is the subject of this application; no new interconnection agreements will be necessary for the purposes of this application; and the Applicant's Articles of Incorporation which were filed in Case 89-928-RC-AAC have not been modified or amended in any way, filed on behalf of applicant by J. Sanders.0
12/27/1990Proofs of publication filed on behalf of applicant by J. Sanders. (Knox, Perry, Holmes, Dover, Licking, and Coshocton Counties)0
11/26/1990Balance Sheet filed on behalf of applicant by J. Sanders.0
11/21/1990Entry ordering that UCI should file with the Commission a copy of its most recent financial balance sheet by 12/28/90; applicant cause publication of legal notice by 12/14/90 and present proof of publication to the Commission by 12/28/90; unless the Commission receives a written statement objecting to the granting of this application for good cause shown by 12/28/90, this matter will be decided on the basis of the information contained in the applcation. (AE)0
11/20/1990Letter requesting that the Commission re-issue Certificate No. 20 to state the new service description, filed on behalf of applicant by J. Sanders.0
11/13/1990Revised pro forma income statements filed on behalf of applicant by J. Sanders.0
11/08/1990In the matter of the application of United Communications, Inc. to amend its certificate of public convenience and authority No. 20.0
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Fullin, Daniel