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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: PEX-Petition for extended area service
Date Opened: 2/18/1986
Date Closed: 11/8/1988
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10/24/1990Revised tariffs, PUCO No. 6, Check Sheet l - Section C - 9th sheet 2 and llth sheet 24, filed on behalf of United Telephone Company by J. Ludenia.0
10/17/1990Revised tariffs, PUCO No. 6, Contents - 37th sheet l; Check List - 270th sheet l and 86th sheet 4; and Section 3 - Fayette - l6th sheet l, filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Kennedy.0
05/30/1990Letter changing the in-service date for the institution of two-way, flat-rate from Fayette to Archbold and Wauseon from 11/5/90 to 10/25/90 to coincide with the scheduled Fayette digital conversion, filed on behalf of respondent by J. Kennedy.0
09/28/1989Letter reporting in-service date for establishment of two- way nonoptinal extended area service between GTE's Fayette exchange and UTO's Archbold and Wauseon exchange is 11/5/90 filed on behalf of GTE North Incorporated by J. W. Kennedy.0
05/12/1989Letter filed by J. Ludenia on behalf of United Telephone Company of Ohio, RE: proposed implementation date is 11/5/1990.0
11/08/1988Second Supplemental Opinion & Order granting request for two-way, nonoptional EAS between the Fayette Exchange of GTE North Inc. and the Archbold and Wausen Exchanges of United Telephone Co.0
10/21/1988Notice of Concurrence filed by T. Jacobs on behalf of United Telephone Company of Ohio.0
10/19/1988Letter filed by J. Stewart on behalf of GTE North In- corporated, RE: percentage on ballots and informing the Commission that the company does not request a hearing on the canvass.0
09/16/1988Ballots resulting from a canvass conducted by the complain- aints filed by T. Molitierno.0
09/07/1988Entry denying United's application for rehearing.0
08/30/1988Memorandum in Opposition to application for rehearing filed by T. Molitierno.0
08/19/1988Application for rehearing filed on behalf of United Telephone of Ohio by J. Rozic.0
07/20/1988Supplemental Opinion and Order granting request for EAS between Fayette Exchange of GTE North, Inc. and the Wauseon and Archbold Exchanges of United Telephone Co. contingent upon the filing of a canvass. Dissenting Opinion of Commissioner Gloria Gaylord.0
03/28/1988Supplemental Information Response filed by J. Stewart on behalf of GTE North Incorporated.0
03/24/1988Information Response of United Telephone Company of Ohio filed by J. Rozic.0
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