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Cases with Industry Code "TR" TRANSPORTATION

AAC-Application to amend a certificate (187 cases)
AAP-Application to amend a permit (3642 cases)
ABN-Application to abandon service (395 cases)
ACE-Application for a certificate (3391 cases)
ACN-Application to change name (289 cases)
ACO-Application to change ownership (2190 cases)
ACZ-Application to Create or Extend a Commercial Zone (44 cases)
ADE-Application to Delete a Shipper's Name on a Contra (1278 cases)
AEC-Application to revise or cancel a contract (1 cases)
AER-Application for exemption on stocks and bonds (1 cases)
AIC-Application for Irregular Route Concurrence (73 cases)
AIR-Application to increase rates (1 cases)
AIS-Application to issue stocks/securities (46 cases)
ALE-Application for a Leasing Exemption (57 cases)
ARJ-Application for relief from PUCO jurisdiction (1 cases)
ASN-Application to Change a Shipper's Name on a Contra (112 cases)
ASO-Application to Suspend Operations (44 cases)
AST-Application to Suspended Tarriff (25 cases)
ATA-Application for tariff approval (2 cases)
ATC-Application to transfer a certificate (1641 cases)
ATO-Application for Temporary Operating Authority (1 cases)
ATP-Application to Transfer Permit (464 cases)
CAR-Citation for Annual Report (6 cases)
CAU-Citation for Operating Authority (25 cases)
CCO-Citation for Non-Compliance with Contract (270 cases)
CID-Citation for Non-Compliance with ID Stamp Purchase (25 cases)
CIN-Citation for Non-Compliance with Insurance Require (622 cases)
COI-Commission inquiry (31 cases)
CRA-Complaint on Operating Authority (38 cases)
CSS-Complaint on service or safety (188 cases)
CTX-Citation for Non Payment of Public tax (11 cases)
CVF-Civil Forfeiture (2039 cases)
EHS-Exemption from Hours of Service (14 cases)
FAD-Federal activities docket for staff comments (1 cases)
NFP-Notification for a rate or tariff change (5 cases)
ORD-Administrative order (110 cases)
RSP-Request for Special Permission (703 cases)
SIN-Suspension and Investigation of a Motor Carrier Ta (99 cases)
TRF-Commission approved final tariffs (1 cases)
UNC-Unclassified (543 cases)
WVR-Request for waiver of rules or order (2 cases)