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Cases with Industry Code "TP" TELEPHONE (26265 cases)

AAC-Application to amend a certificate (176 cases)
AAM-Application to change accounting methods (238 cases)
ABN-Application to abandon service (330 cases)
ACB-Application to change boundary (62 cases)
ACE-Application for a certificate (1005 cases)
ACN-Application to change name (227 cases)
ACO-Application to change ownership (231 cases)
ACX-Application to continue EAS agreement (219 cases)
AEC-Application to revise or cancel a contract (6499 cases)
AEM-Application for emerg./ temp./ rate increase (5 cases)
AER-Application for exemption on stocks and bonds (8 cases)
AIA-Application for interconnection approval (63 cases)
AID-Application to issue dividends (2 cases)
AIR-Application to increase rates (98 cases)
AIS-Application to issue stocks/securities (214 cases)
ALI-Application for a limited increase in rates (51 cases)
ALT-Application for alternative regulation (23 cases)
AMT-Application for telephone company mergers (51 cases)
AOP-Application for Authority to Provide Optimal Off (53 cases)
ARB-Petition for arbitration (56 cases)
ARJ-Application for relief from PUCO jurisdiction (5 cases)
ASE-Application to Offer Sales of Embedded Customer Pr (38 cases)
ATA-Application for tariff approval (7040 cases)
ATC-Application to transfer a certificate (42 cases)
ATR-Application to conduct transactions (211 cases)
ATW-Application to withdraw Tier 1 service (26 cases)
BEX-BLES Pricing Flexibility Exemption (6 cases)
BLN-letter of notification (7 cases)
BLS-Basic Local Exchange Service (61 cases)
CIO-Change in Operations (457 cases)
CMR-Complaint on Municipal Rates (1 cases)
COC-Commission Initiated Complaint (1 cases)
COI-Commission inquiry (131 cases)
CRA-Complaint on Operating Authority (1 cases)
CRC-Complaint on Rates Charged (3 cases)
CSS-Complaint on service or safety (1207 cases)
CTR-Application for one year contract (59 cases)
DTA-Data Collection (1 cases)
EMG-Emergency 911 Service Rates (242 cases)
FAD-Federal activities docket for staff comments (1 cases)
FLX-Minimum level flexible pricing (3 cases)
MRR-Mobile Radio Registration (1 cases)
MTW-"Me too" request for waiver (1 cases)
NAG-Notification of a negotiated agreement (2339 cases)
NFP-Notification for a rate or tariff change (154 cases)
ORD-Administrative order (41 cases)
PEX-Petition for extended area service (726 cases)
PWC-Public Way Complaint (4 cases)
PWN-Public Way Notification (5 cases)
RCC-Application to register as a commercial mobile radio service provider (129 cases)
RRJ-Request for relief from PUCO jurisdiction (2 cases)
SLF-Self Complaint (162 cases)
TRF-Commission approved final tariffs (678 cases)
UNC-Unclassified (468 cases)
USF-Universal Service Fund (1 cases)
WBL-Notice for the Withdraw Basic Local Exchange Service (1 cases)
WVR-Request for waiver of rules or order (44 cases)
ZAC-Application to establish or amend a contract (1 cases)
ZCN-Application for CTS company name change (2 cases)
ZCO-Application for change of ownership (2 cases)
ZTA-Introduction of new tariffed services (2503 cases)