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Cases with Industry Code "GE" GAS & ELECTRIC,
Purpose Code "AIS" Application to issue stocks/securities,
and Status "CL" CLOSED (3 cases)

Case NumberCase TitleOpen DateClosed Date
07-0313-GE-AISDUKE ENERGY OHIO INC03/23/200708/17/2023
07-0601-GE-AISDUKE ENERGY OHIO, INC.05/16/200708/17/2023
09-0336-GE-AISDUKE ENERGY OHIO04/16/200908/29/2023
10-0240-GE-AISDUKE ENERGY OHIO 02/25/201008/29/2023
10-0658-GE-AISDUKE ENERGY OHIO INC 05/17/201008/29/2023
11-1919-GE-AISDUKE ENERGY OHIO03/31/201108/29/2023
11-2997-GE-AISDUKE ENGERY OHIO INC 05/19/201108/29/2023
12-0905-GE-AISDuke Energy Ohio, Inc. 03/12/201208/29/2023
12-1249-GE-AISDuke Energy Ohio, Inc.04/19/201208/29/2023
13-0752-GE-AISDUKE ENERGY OHIO INC03/28/201310/17/2023
13-1031-GE-AISDUKE ENERGY OHIO INC05/02/201310/17/2023
14-0304-GE-AISDUKE ENERGY OHIO, INC.02/25/201408/29/2023
14-0803-GE-AISDuke Energy Ohio Inc05/05/201408/29/2023
15-0538-GE-AISDuke Energy Ohio Inc03/26/201502/15/2017
15-0539-GE-AISDuke Energy Ohio Inc03/26/201508/31/2023
16-0637-GE-AISDuke Energy Ohio03/31/201608/31/2023
16-0638-GE-AISDuke Energy Ohio03/31/201603/22/2019
17-0729-GE-AISDuke Energy Ohio, Inc03/31/201703/22/2019
17-0730-GE-AISDuke Energy Ohio, Inc03/31/201709/01/2023
18-0237-GE-AISDuke Energy Ohio, Inc03/28/201809/01/2023
18-0238-GE-AISDuke Energy Ohio, Inc03/28/201809/01/2023
19-0636-GE-AISIn the Matter of the Application of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc., for Authority to Issue Not in Excess of $600,000,000 at Any One Time of Short-Term Unsecur03/29/201909/05/2023
19-0637-GE-AISIn the Matter of the Application of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc., for Authority to (1) Issue and Sell First Mortgage Bonds, Unsecured Debt, Long-Term Notes03/29/201909/05/2023
20-0258-GE-AISDuke Energy Ohio, Inc03/27/202009/11/2023
20-0259-GE-AISDuke Energy Ohio, Inc03/27/202009/11/2023
21-0160-GE-AISDUKE ENERGY OHIO, INC.03/16/202105/01/2023
21-0161-GE-AISDuke Energy Ohio, Inc.03/16/202105/01/2023