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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: CSS-Complaint on service or safety
Date Opened: 8/29/1996
Date Closed: 9/26/1996
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Date FiledSummaryPages
09/26/1996Entry dismissing this complaint case. (11 pgs.) Service notice 1 pg.11
09/19/1996Motion to dismiss and memorandum in support filed on behalf of respondent, Ameritech Ohio, by M. Mulcahy. (8 pgs.)8
09/13/1996Motion to amend and motion to rescind and memorandum in support filed on behalf of complainant by R. Woodman. (5 pgs.)5
09/06/1996Entry ordering that Mr. Woodman and the trustees of WeShare Inc. shall file by 9/13/96 a verified statement indicating whether and, if so, how they hold the requisite legal authority, either as Ohio licensed attorneys or otherwise, to represent the interests of those persons or entities on whose respective behalf they have filed complaints; if, in fact, neither Mr. Woodman nor any of the trustees of WeShare Inc. is an Ohio-licensed attorny, the verified statement submitted must be in the form of a signed non-attorney representation request by the actual person or entity on whose behalf the respective complaint has been brought; that for an indefinite period until further notice is given in a subsequent entry, the deadline is suspended for Ameri- tech to file any responsive pleadings not already submitted either now or in the future brought by Mr. Woodman or the trustees of WeShare Inc. on behalf of persons or entities other than themselves. (AE) (9 pgs.)9
09/03/1996Letter from Congressman Steven C. LaTourette stating that this complaint was not filed on his behalf. (1 pg.)1
08/30/1996Complaint letter and copy of complaint mailed to: Jon F. Kelly, Ameritech Ohio. (1 pg.)1
08/29/1996In the matter of the complaint of Thomas Warholic, Carl N. Woodman, and Robert P. Woodman on behalf of CONGRES (vs) Ameritech Ohio relative to the alleged unjust and unlawful violation of laws and regulations. (5 pgs.)5