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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
03/18/1997 Entry ordering that Ameritech Ohio's request for an exten- sion of time is granted and the company shall comply with the directives set forth in the December 30, 1996 Opinion & Order and report its actions to the staff by March 31, 1997. (AE) (2 pgs.)
02/27/1997 Request for an additional 30 days in which to file a com- plete report as directed by the Commission's Opinion & Order adopted December 30, 1996, filed on behalf of respon- dent, Ameritech Ohio, by J. Kelly. (1 pg.)
12/30/1996 Opinion & Order dismissing this complaint and closing this case of record. (12 pgs.)
08/19/1996 Post-hearing brief filed on behalf of complainants by E. Cochran. (17 pgs.)
08/19/1996 Post-hearing brief filed on behalf of respondent, Ameritech Ohio, by W. Hunt. (10 pgs.)
07/30/1996 Transcript for hearing held 7/16/96, (KS), 187 pgs., sub.
07/22/1996 Proof of Publication filed. (Lake County) (1 pg.)
07/16/1996 Service notice.
07/15/1996 Entry ordering that the time for the commencement of this hearing be 11:00 a.m. on July 16, 1996. (AE) (1 pg.)
07/10/1996 Letter regarding the hearing, filed on behalf of complainant by E. Cochran. (1 pg.)
06/10/1996 Legal Notice sent to: The News Herald (Lake Co.) Certified Mail.
05/20/1996 Entry scheduling a hearing at 10:00 a.m. on 7/16/96 at the Commission offices. (AE) (4 pgs.)
04/11/1996 Answer filed on behalf of respondent, Ameritech Ohio, by W. Hunt. (3 pgs.)
04/02/1996 Entry scheduling a settlement conference on April 18, 1996, at 11:00 a.m. in the offices of the Commission. (1pg.)
03/22/1996 Complaint letter and copy of complaint mailed to: Jon F. Kelly, Ameritech Ohio. (1 pg.)
03/22/1996 In the matter of the complaint of Bob Zames and Zames Realty, Inc. (vs) Ameritech Ohio relative to the alleged unjust, unlawful and inadequate service. (2 pgs.)