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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
09/24/1998 Entry ordered this case be dismissed and closed of record. (2 pgs.)
09/24/1998 Entry ordering that this case be dismissed and case closed of record.
08/12/1998 Letter requesting dismissal of the application without pre- judice, filed on behalf of applicant by A. Tell. (1 pg.)
08/04/1998 Entry scheduling a prehearing settlement conference at 10:00 a.m. on August 13, 1998, at the Commission offices. (AE) (2 pgs.)
01/17/1997 Proof of Publication filed by A. Tell. (3 pgs.)
01/06/1997 Entry ordering that applicant file by January 17, 1997, its proof of publication and its certificate of readiness, and request a hearing date; failure to comply with this direc- tive may result in the dismissal of this application. (AE) (2 pgs.)
04/30/1996 Letter stating that A. Charles Tell has been retained to represent the applicant, filed by A. Tell. (1 pg.)
04/03/1996 Notice of Protest filed on behalf of Bock Transfer & Storage Co. and Mahoning Moving, Inc. filked by E. Merwin. (2 pgs.)
03/29/1996 Protests filed on behalf of the following companies by E. Merwin. (1 pg.) (FILED 3/28/96) 1. Bock Transfer & Storage Co. 2. Ralph T. Wackerly & Sons, Inc.
03/25/1996 Protest filed on behalf of R. Kuntzman, Inc. by J. Alden. (1 pg.)
03/11/1996 Publication letter sent to: Samsa-Green Mvg. & Stg.
03/04/1996 Filing accepted. (1 pg.)
02/21/1996 (AUTHORITY) Transportation of household goods to and from points in Columbiana, Mahoning, and Trumbull Counties, Ohio on the one hand, and pointds in the State of Ohio on the other.
02/21/1996 Application of Samsa-Green Moving and Storage, Incorporated for a certificate of public convenience and necessity. (37 pgs.)