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File a Public Comment
Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ACE-Application for a certificate
Date Opened: 3/22/1994 1:00:00 AM
Date Closed: 9/24/1998
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Date FiledSummaryPages
09/24/1998Entry ordered this case be dismissed and closed of record. (2 pgs.)2
09/24/1998Entry ordering that this case be dismissed and case closed of record.3
08/04/1998Entry scheduling a prehearing settlement conference at 10:00 a.m. on August 13, 1998, at the Commission offices. (AE) (1 pg.)1
01/25/1996Entry ordering that applicant timely filed an affirmative statement declaring that it wanted to go forward with its application and requesting that its application not be dismissed. (3 pgs.)3
01/16/1996Entry ordering that the prehearing conference scheduled for 1/18/96 be canceled. (AE) (2 pgs.)2
12/21/1995Entry ordering that each applicant wanting to proceed with its application file a statement to that effect with the Commission no later than January 10, 1996; scheduling a prehearing conference at 9:00 a.m. on 1/18/96 at the Commis- sion offices. (AE) (2 pgs.)2
06/17/1994Notice to Protested transportation case applicants0
05/20/1994Protest filed on behalf of E. E. Ward Moving & Storage Co. by M. Spurlock0
05/20/1994Protest filed on behalf of 183 various carriers by J. Duvall0
05/20/1994Protest filed on behalf of 87 various carriers by J. Alden0
05/20/1994Protest filed on behalf of The Security Storage Company by B Ferris0
05/20/1994Protest filed on behalf of Kendrick Motor Freight, Inc. by D. Turano0
05/17/1994Protest filed on behalf of Ralph T. Wackerly & Sons, Inc. by E. Merwin.0
05/17/1994Protest filed on behalf of 86 various carriers by E. Merwin.0
05/12/1994Protest filed on behalf of 53 various carriers by B. Ferris.0
05/04/1994Protest filed on behalf of Sewell Motor Express, Inc. by J. Asher.0
04/18/1994Articles of Incorporation filed on behalf of applicant.0
04/05/1994Deficient letter sent to the applicant0
03/31/1994Not ready for publication0
03/22/1994(AUTHORITY) Transportation of household goods to and from points in Ohio.0
03/22/1994Application of Abbott Moving & Storage Company, Inc. for a certificate of public convenience and necessity.0