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01/25/1993 Corrected Transferred and Merged Permit No. 5096 issued.
01/22/1993 Transferred and Merged Permit No. 5096 issued.
01/22/1993 Letter requesting that the following shippers be cancelled from permit, filed on behalf of applicant by K. Cooper: 1. Ball Corporation 2. General Mills, Inc.
01/14/1993 Entry ordering that the authority contained in Permit No. 50421 be merged into Permit No. 5096 and, thereupon that Permit No. 50421 be cancelled.
12/16/1992 Petition of Dan's Transit, Inc. and Long Leasing, Inc. requesting the PUCO issue Certificates 74203-I, 11543-I, 11611-I and Permit No. 50421 and for dismissal of Case No. 92-653-TR-ATC as it relates to the transfer of Certificates 71417-I, 69537-I, 66917-I, 432-I, 11486-I, and 60157-I, filed by K. Cooper.
09/24/1992 Entry holding the issuance of authority in abeyance until subsequent entries are issued and granting request to waive the transferor's requirement of filing evidence of insurance.
09/08/1992 Letter requesting an extension of time until September 30, 1992 for the approval of the petition of Pruitt Moving & Storage Requesting Waiver of the Insurance Requirements and purchase of a tax decal by Long Leasing, Inc. filed by P. Beery.
08/31/1992 Letter requesting that the Commission hold in abeyance the issuance of certificates and permit pending a resolution of dispute, filed by K. Cooper.
08/25/1992 Affidavit of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and transporta- tion rate agreement between Dan's Transit and Cooper Tire & Rubber, filed by P. Beery.
08/25/1992 Proof of Publication filed by P. Beery.
08/20/1992 Proof of Publication filed by P. Beery.
08/06/1992 Entry ordering that the July 9, 1992 Orders be amended to reflect Dan's Transit, Inc. as the transferee.
07/16/1992 Letter requesting that the Opinion & Order be amended, filed by P. Beery.
07/09/1992 Opinion & Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.
06/29/1992 Transferor's verified statement; Pruitt Moving & Storage Company/Earl F. Pruitt, president, filed by P. Beery.
06/29/1992 Transferee's verified statement; Dan's Transit, Inc./Paul Long, president, filed by P. Beery.
06/19/1992 HEARING; JULY 2, 1992 AT 10:00 A.M. AT THE PUCO
06/08/1992 Proof of Publication filed by P. Beery.
06/01/1992 Proof of Publication filed by P. Beery.
05/15/1992 Temporary permit No. 50421 issued.
05/11/1992 Entry ordering that entry of April 10, 1992 be amended. (AE)
05/01/1992 Amendment to application changing the name of the transferee to Dan's Transit, Inc., and request for an extension of the temporary order until May 11, filed on behalf of the applicants by P. Beery.
04/22/1992 Deficient letter sent: Paul Beery
04/21/1992 Not ready for publication
04/13/1992 Entry granting temporary authority for 180 days. (AE)
04/10/1992 Application for temporary transfer filed by P. Beery.
04/10/1992 Application of Pruitt Trucking, Division of Dan's Transit, Inc. to transfer Permit No. 50421 from Pruitt Moving & Storage Company with shippers; Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, Findlay, Ohio; General Mills, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota; Ball Corporation, Muncie, Indiana; Anchor Swan, Incorporated, Bucyrus, Ohio.