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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
05/24/2001 Letter regarding the merger of parent company of Holiday Service Corp with nv Nuon; however, this will bring no change to Holiday Service, Corp., filed on behalf of applicant by W. Newcomb, Jr.
06/23/1992 Tariffs, PUCO No. 3, Table of Contents - original sheet i; Subject Index - original sheet ii; Section 1 - original sheets 1 - 10; Section 4 - original sheet 1; Section 5 - original sheet 1, filed on behalf of applicant by J. Haynes.
06/18/1992 Entry accepting tariffs for filing.
05/21/1992 Opinion & Order granting rate increase to the extent provided in this Entry.
05/08/1992 Schedule C which was inadvertently omitted from the Stipulation of May 7, 1992, filed on behalf of the PUCO staff by W. Wright.
05/07/1992 Stipulation and recommendation filed on behalf of applicant by J. Haynes, OCC by J. Serio, and the PUCO staff by W. Wright.
04/03/1992 Proof of Publication filed. (Huron County)
03/05/1992 Transcript filed for hearing held 2/26/92, (WB), 9 pgs., Con't.
03/04/1992 Transcript for public hearing held February 26, 1992, (WB), 82 pages, Continued.
02/12/1992 Proof of Publication filed. (Huron County)
02/07/1992 Objection to staff report filed on behalf of applicant by C. Wenz.
01/31/1992 Entry scheduling a local public hearing at 6:00 p.m. at the Willard Railroad Museum and Depot, Willard, Ohio; that notice of hearing be published. (AE)
01/28/1992 Entry scheduling public hearing at 9:00 a.m. on 2/26/92 at the Commission offices; all motions to strike objections must be filed by 2/17/92 and memorandum contra such motions to strike must be filed by 2/24/92; scheduling a prehearing conference at 10:00 a.m. on 2/20/92 at the Commission offices. (AE)
01/15/1992 Notice of withdrawal of counsel, Colleen Mooney, as lead counsel, and designation of new attorney, Joseph Serio. Filed on behalf of OCC.
01/08/1992 Staff report filed
10/21/1991 Entry granting OCC's motion to intervene. (AE)
09/11/1991 Motion to intervene and memorandum in support filed on behalf of OCC by C. Mooney.
07/03/1991 Entry ordering that application is accepted for filing as of June 10, 1991 and that the request for waivers made by applicant be granted.
06/10/1991 Rate application filed on behalf of applicant by C. Wenz.
05/23/1991 Entry setting test period to begin 6/1/90 and end 5/31/91 with date certain 5/31/91.
04/18/1991 In the matter of the application of Holiday Service Corp. for Notice of intent to file for a water rate increase.