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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: EMG-Emergency 911 Service Rates
Date Opened: 11/13/1990
Date Closed: 1/31/1991
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Date FiledSummaryPages
01/31/1991Annual review; updated 911 schedule, county rate list, and statement, filed on behalf of Buckland Telephone Company by D. Place.0
01/31/1991Case closed automatically.0
01/30/1991Revised tariffs, PUCO No. 7, Check List - 290th sheet 1 and 143rd sheet 3; Section 3 - 29th sheet 94, filed on behalf of GTE North by J. Kennedy.0
12/14/1990Cost updates relating to 911 emergency service, filed on behalf of The New Knoxville Telephone Company by R. Eversman.0
12/06/1990Updated end user rate for the 911 system for Auglaize County, filed on behalf of United Telephone Company by J. Ludenia.0
12/04/1990Annual review and revised tariffs, PUCO No. 7, Section 3 - original sheet 92 and original sheet 90, filed on behalf of GTE North by J. Kennedy.0
11/29/1990Updated 9-1-1 cost schedule filed on behalf of applicant by M. Yashko.0
11/13/1990In the matter of the implementation of emergency 911 service for Auglaize County filed by Telephone Service Company.0