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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
09/12/1991 Entry closing the case as the requirements of the order of 10/25/90 have been fulfilled.
08/28/1991 Final inspection report stating that the warning devices have been erected in accordance with existing standards, filed on behalf of the PUCO staff by R. Patterson.
04/04/1991 Entry approving the revised cost estimates for the Matson Road project.
03/12/1991 Revised estimates filed on behalf of respondent by E. Kiernan, III.
10/25/1990 Entry ordering Indiana & Ohio Rail System to proceed with the installation of crossing devices pursuant to the terms of the Stipulation, to be completed by 7/31/9l.
10/03/1990 Site plans and cost estimates of Indiana & Ohio Rail System by John G. Richter, filed on behalf of the PUCO staff by R. Patterson.
08/02/1990 Entry adopting the stipulation and recomendation and ordering the Commission to assist the City of Deer Park in paying the public share of the project cost. Ordering Indiana & Ohio submit for Commission approval, site plans for the installation project at the Matson Ave grade crossing within 30 days.
06/15/1990 Stipulation and recommendation filed on behalf of respondent, Indiana and Ohio Rail System, by T. McOwen; respondent, The City of Deer Park by D. O'Leary; and the PUCO staff by R. Clark.
04/18/1990 Corespondence letter to Chair Butler from David O'Leary, Safety-Service Director of the City of Deer Park.
03/13/1990 Agreement between the City of Deer Park and the Indiana & Ohio Railway for the installation of a new crossing gate and lights at the Matson Avenue crossing filed on behalf of the City of Deer Park by D. O'Leary.
03/02/1990 Letter sent to Gary E. Becker, Dinsmore & Shohl, from Ralph Clark, PUCO Staff, requesting a copy of the final agreement be sent to the Commission by 3/9/90.
02/13/1990 Entry continuing hearing to a future date and giving all parties until 3/9/90 to reach an agreement or case will be scheduled for hearing on that date. (AE)
02/06/1990 Motion for continuance of hearing date filed on behalf of respondent, Indiana & Ohio Rail System, by G. Becker.
02/01/1990 Letter sent to R. Patterson, PUCO Staff, from D. O'Leary, City of Deer Park, responding to information requested.
02/01/1990 Letter sent to George Diersing, City of Deer Park, from R. Patterson, PUCO Staff, requesting additional information regarding complaint.
02/01/1990 Data Request sent to T. McOwen, respondent, from R. Patterson, PUCO Staff.
12/21/1989 Entry scheduling hearing for February 8, 1990 at 10:00 a.m. at the Deer Park Community Center, 7640 Plainfield Rd, Deer Park, Ohio, and that testimony be filed by January 29, 1990. (AE)
12/08/1989 Investigation report filed on behalf of the staff of the PUCO by T. King.
09/27/1989 Entry making City of Deer Park, Ohio a party in this proceeding and ordering the railroad department of the Commission to initiate an investigation.
09/06/1989 Response filed by T. McOwen on behalf of respondent.
08/25/1989 Complaint letter sent to Indiana & Ohio Railroad.
08/21/1989 Complaint of Thomas L. Stanton et al (Vs) Indiana & Ohio Railroad Line, RE: need for warning system at Matson Avenue/ Blue Ash Road Crossing near City of Dear Park.