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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
10/06/1988 Certificate No. 68365-R issued.
08/23/1988 Opinion & Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.
08/19/1988 Correspondent letter filed on behalf of the applicant by L. Lindeman.
07/14/1988 Attorney examiner report filed/granted forthwith.
06/13/1988 Letter filed by L. Lindeman on behalf of applicant, re- questing information on the status of this matter.
03/25/1988 Verified statements in support of application as listed below filed by L. Lindeman on behalf of applicant. 1). Sarah Smith 2). William East 3). Richard Snider 4). William Gill 5). Richard Hyster 6). Kathleen Moore 7). Linda Kritzer 8). Gene Sickelman 9). John Morley 10). Jon President
03/25/1988 Applicant's verified statement; Martin Kramer, filed by L. Lindeman.
01/29/1988 Letter filed by C. Valentine, Jr., on behalf of following, requesting protests be withdrawn. 1). Hopkins Airport Limousine Service, Inc. 2). Lake Front Lines, Inc.
01/29/1988 Protested letter sent to: Lawrence R. Lindeman.
01/25/1988 Proof of Publication filed
01/20/1988 Protest filed on behalf of Lake Front Lines, Inc. by C.Valentine
01/20/1988 Protest filed on behalf of Hopkins Airport Limousine Service by C.Valentine
12/14/1987 Publication letter sent to: Lawrence R. Lindeman.
12/10/1987 Filing accepted
11/19/1987 (AUTHORITY) Transportation of persons over the following route serving all intermediate points: From Toledo, Ohio to Cincinnati, Ohio, via Interstate Highway 75.
11/19/1987 Application of Southeastern Trailways, Inc. for certificate of public convenience and necessity.
11/19/1987 Exhibit No. 8, to application filed by L. Lindeman.