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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ATP-Application to Transfer Permit
Date Opened: 11/19/1986
Date Closed: 7/28/1987
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Date FiledSummaryPages
08/17/1987Transferred Permit No. 4992 issued.0
07/28/1987Opinion and Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.0
05/11/1987Corrected Permit No. 4992 issued.0
05/04/1987Letter filed by J. Stiverson on behalf of The Maxwell Co., requesting protest be withdrawn.0
04/28/1987Entry granting rehearing rescinding Orders of March 3 and March 24, 1987, in Case No. 86-2190-TR-ATC and cancelling permanent operating Perrmit 4992 issued March 13, 1987 to be reissued in the name of the transferor, Hearing is scheduled for May 13, 1987, at 10:00 a.m., at the offices of the Commission.0
04/01/1987Application for rehearing and reconsideration filed on behalf of the Maxwell Co. by J. Stiverson.0
03/16/1987Transferred Permit No. 4992 issued.0
02/12/1987Entry ordering that superior Carriers, Inc., be substituted for Lemmon Transport Company, Inc., as transferee in Case No. 86-2191-TR-ATP. (AE)0
02/02/1987Temporary operating authority issued on Permit No. 4992.0
01/29/1987Copy of Certificate of Merger as filed with the Secretary of State on behalf of the parties by A. Tell.0
12/30/1986Protest filed on behalf of The Maxwell Co. by J. Stiverson0
12/20/1986HEARING: January 9, 1987 at 10:00 a.m., PUCO.0
12/19/1986Proof of publication letter sent.0
12/17/1986Entry granting temporary authority for 180 days. (AE)0
12/15/1986Proof of Publication filed0
12/15/1986Filing accepted0
12/09/1986Proof of Publication filed0
12/04/1986Supplemental verified statement of transferor and transferee Connie C. Burgess, President, both companies, filed by A. Charles Tell.0
12/01/1986Proof of Publication filed0
11/26/1986Proof of Publication filed0
11/26/1986Verified statement of Transferor and Transferee; Connie C. Burgess, President of both United States Transportation, Inc., Transferor, and Lemmon Transport Company, Inc., Transferee filed by A. Charles Tell.0
11/19/1986(AUTHORITY) ASHLAND CHEMICAL COMPANY DIVISION OF ASHLAND OIL INC. Transportation of liquid chemicals in bulk, in tank vehicles from and to all points in Ohio. Resricted against transportation of shipments originating in the Cities of Ashtabula, Toledo, Canton and Dayton, and their respective commercial zones as they existed on October 7, l98l, unless destined to points other than those named cities and their commercial zones. DIAMOND SHAMROCK CORPORATION-CHEMICAL UNIT Transportation of chemicals, in tank vehicles, except calcium chloride, alum and soda ash, from and to Cincinnati, Barberton, Cleveland and Ashtabula, Ohio, and their respective commercial zones.0
11/19/1986Application for temporary authority filed by A. Charles Tell on behalf of applicant.0
11/19/1986Application of Lemmon Transport Company, Inc. to transfer Permit No. 4992 from United States Transportation, Inc., with shippers; Ashland Chemical Company, Div. of Ashland Oil, Inc., Dublin, Ohio and Diamond Shamrock Corporation - - Chemical Unit, Irving, TX.0