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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: ORD-Administrative order
Date Opened: 5/27/1986
Date Closed: 10/22/1986
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Date FiledSummaryPages
09/07/1989Tariff sheets, PUCO No. 12, filed by R. Ziegler on behalf of Centerior Energy.0
01/27/1988Amended rules 4901:1-11-04, 4901:1-11-07, 4901:1-11-09 and 4901:1-11-10 OAC are adopted with effective date of 2/6/88.0
12/16/1987Revised tariff sheet, filed by R. R. Van Allen on behalf of Toledo Edison Company.0
11/24/1987Entry ordering that Rules 4901:1-11-04, 4901:1-11-07, 4901:1-11-09 and 4901:1-11-10 be revised as set forth in Entry; Ordering that copies of the proposed Rules be filed as required by Section 111.15, Revised Code; Ordering that any companies which have not yet filed tariffs in conformance with the proposed Rules do so immediately.0
05/22/1987Tariffs filed by J. Hankins on behalf of Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Company.0
02/10/1987Memo stating adopted and rescinded rules are filed this date, to be effective February 20, 1987.0
12/09/1986Entry amending and restructuring Rule 4901:1-11-09 and denying OCC's Application for Rehearing.0
11/21/1986Application for Rehearing filed on behalf of OCC by R.Rosenberry.0
10/22/1986Entry amending Rules 4901:1-11-01 through 4901:1-11-04; rescinding Rules 4901:1-11-05 through 4901:1-11-12; enact- ing Rules 4901:1-11-05 through 4901:1-11-13 and adopting the proposed Chapter 4901:1-11.0
08/10/1986Comments of the Dayton Power and Light Company filed by J. Yates.0
07/24/1986Comments of the Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company filed by D. Marshall.0
07/24/1986Comments of Toledo Edison Company filed by Wm. Hupenbecker.0
07/24/1986Comments of the Office of Consumers' Counsel filed by R. Rosenberry.0
07/24/1986Comments of Ohio Power Company filed by A. Kessler.0
07/24/1986Comments by The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, filed by C. Smith.0
07/24/1986Comments of Ohio Edison Company filed by M. Beiting.0
07/24/1986Comments of The Dayton Power & Light Company, filed by J. Yates.0
07/09/1986Comments of Ohio Edison Company, filed by A. Alexander.0
07/09/1986Comments of the Office of the Consumers' Counsel filed by R. Rosenberry.0
07/09/1986Comments of Monongahela Power Company, filed by D. Williams.0
06/26/1986Entry ordering OCC's motion be granted in part and denied in part,0
06/25/1986Motion to Bifurcate and Response to Office of Consumers' Counsel Motion for extension of time within which to file comments filed by A. Kessler on behalf of Ohio Power Company0
06/19/1986Motion for extension of time within which to file comments filed by R. Rosenberry on behalf of OCC.0
06/19/1986Motion to Intervene filed by R. Rosenberry on behalf of OCC.0
06/09/1986Entry permitting interested parties to file comments within 30 days.0
05/26/1986In the matter of the amendment of Chapter 4901:1-11 Administrative Code.0
01/30/1986Semi-Annual Report filed by W. Moore on behalf of Ohio Edison Co.0