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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
07/29/1986 Amended Permit No. 56467 issued.
07/21/1986 Finding & Order granting application.
07/06/1986 Letter filed by G. Wadkowski on behalf of Refiners Transport & Terminal Corporation, requesting protest be withdrawn.
07/06/1986 Attorney examiner report filed/granted forthwith.
06/15/1986 Application for temporary authority filed by J. Muldoon on behalf of applicant.
06/15/1986 Verified statement of shipper, Gary Buechel-Vice President (Rotary Products) filed by J. Muldoon.
06/15/1986 Verified statement of applicant, Sondra Leibreich, Vice President-Sales filed by J. Muldoon.
06/11/1986 Letter filed by S. Oliver on behalf of Iddings Trucking, Inc requesting protest be withdrawn and remaining a party of record.
06/10/1986 Letter filed by J. Muldoon on behalf of the applicant. Relative to applicant will submit further evidentiary requirements.
05/28/1986 Motion to Dismiss Protest filed by J. Muldoon on behalf of the applicant.
05/19/1986 HEARING: June 10, 1986 at 10:00 a.m., PUCO.
04/23/1986 Letter filed E. Merwin, on behalf of Matlack, Inc., re- questing their protest to be withdrawn.
04/15/1986 Letter filed by J. Muldoon on behalf of the applicant, Re- lative to amending its application so as to exclude trans- porting of "commodities in bulk".
04/10/1986 Protest filed on behalf of Refiners Trnspt & Terminal Corp. by G. Wadkowski
04/09/1986 Protest filed on behalf of Iddings Trucking, Inc. by S. Oliver
04/07/1986 Protest filed on behalf of Matlack, Inc. by E. Merwin
03/26/1986 Certificate of readiness filed
03/26/1986 Proof of Publication filed
03/11/1986 Filing accepted
03/03/1986 Proof of Publication filed
02/23/1986 Application of R&L Transfer, Inc. to Amend Permit #56467 by adding shipper Rotary Products, Inc., Ashley, OH, filed by J. Muldoon.
02/23/1986 AUTHORITY; Transportation of shipper's property between points in the State of Ohio.