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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
09/01/1987 Entry dismissing case.
08/24/1987 Letter filed by J. Duvall on behalf of applicant, RE: having no objection to dismissal of the application.
01/12/1987 Protest withdrawn on behalf of Wilson's Milk Hauling and Suburban Motor Freight, Inc. by J. Stiverson.
01/07/1987 Letter filed by E. H. van Deusen on behalf of applicant, requesting that this matter be held in abeyance for a period of 180 days, or until approval forthcoming from the bankruptcy court.
04/08/1986 Filing accepted
03/25/1986 Case submitted on hearing held on March 7, 1986. Vol I 7 pages. (EP)
03/17/1986 Filing accepted
02/25/1986 Request that any further action on the pending transfer be deferred for a period of 180 days, or until such earlier time as there may be an adjudication by the bankruptcy court, filed on behalf of applicant by E. Van Deusen.
02/24/1986 Proof of Publication filed
02/16/1986 HEARING; March 7, 1986 at 10:00 a.m.
02/16/1986 Proof of Publication filed
02/03/1986 Proof of Publication filed
02/02/1986 Application for temporary transfer of contract permit #4820 Filed by C. Valentine. (Filed 1-31-86).
01/29/1986 UC INDUSTRIES; Transportation of property, except bulk commodities, on flatbed equipment, between points in Ohio. NATIONAL WIRE OF OHIO, INC.; Transportation of property except commodities in bulk, from and to the facilities of National Wire of Ohio, Inc. at Oregon, Ohio.
01/29/1986 Application of Carlton Transportation to Transfer Permit No. 4820. Filed by C. Valentine.