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CASE DESCRIPTION: National Freight Lines, LLC
DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
05/06/2022 Notice of Withdrawal of Counsel for Thomas Shepherd electronically filed by Mrs. Tonnetta Y. Scott on behalf of PUCO and OPSB.
08/11/2021 Service Notice.
08/11/2021 Service Notice.
08/11/2021 Finding and Order approving the settlement agreement filed between Staff and National Freight Lines LLC regarding violations of the Commission’s transportation rules electronically filed by Kelli C. King on behalf of The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.
07/06/2021 Settlement Agreement electronically filed by Mrs. Kimberly M. Naeder on behalf of PUCO.
04/01/2021 In the Matter of the Request for Approval of the Settlement Between Staff and National Freight Lines, LLC, Case No. 21-CR-425739, Pursuant to Rule 4901:2-7-11, Ohio Administrative Code electronically filed by Bradley E. Long on behalf of PUCO Transportation.