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CASE DESCRIPTION: Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.
DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
09/01/2023 Case Action Form closing cases as of 9/1/23 electronically filed by Debbie S. Ryan on behalf of Patricia A. Schabo, Attorney Examiner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.
03/04/2020 Notice of withdrawal of Stephen B. Seiple electronically filed by Cheryl A MacDonald on behalf of Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.
12/12/2018 Service Notice
12/12/2018 Finding & Order stating that the findings of D&T set forth in the audit reports docketed in these cases be adopted.
11/02/2018 Comments on Deloitte Touche Audits of CSRR, UEX, and PIPP electronically filed by Cheryl A. MacDonald on behalf of Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.
10/19/2018 Report on Agreed-Upon procedures for the CHOICE/ SCO Reconciliation Rider (CSSR) Rate filings filed by Deloitte and Touche LLP.
03/28/2018 Service Notice
03/28/2018 Entry ordering that the audits for the effective periods of the CSRR, UEX, and PIPP riders be filed respectively in their dockets by October 19, 2018.
03/28/2018 In the matter of the Audit of the Choice/SSO/SCO Reconciliation Rider of Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.