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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
03/22/2019 Case Action Form Closing Cases filed by S. Parrot.
05/31/2018 Revised Tariff Pages of Duke Energy Ohio FBS and EFBS June 2018 for PUCO Gas Tariiff No. 18 electronically filed by Mrs. Julie A. Lee on behalf of Ziolkowski, Jim and Duke Energy Ohio and Lee, Julie Ann Mrs.
05/17/2018 Service Notice.
05/16/2018 Finding and Order ordering that Duke's application to adjust its Rider FBS and Rider EFBS rates, as amended on April 13, 2018, be approved; that Duke be authorized to file final tariffs consistent with this Finding and Order; that the effective date of the new tariffs shall be a date not earlier than the date upon which the final tariff pages are filed with the Commission.
04/13/2018 Revised Tariff Sheets PUCO Tariff # 18 for Riders FBS and EFBS with Calculation Pages electronically filed by Carys Cochern on behalf of Watts, Elizabeth H. Ms.
02/06/2018 Request that the Entry in this proceeding be delayed. Application of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc., for Approval to Modify Rider FBS and Rider EFBS Case No. 18-0040-GA-RDR electronically filed by Mrs. Debbie L Gates on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio Inc. and D'Ascenzo, Rocco O. Mr. and Watts, Elizabeth H.
01/08/2018 Staff's review and recommendation filed by T. Turkenton and D. Litthratt.
01/03/2018 In the matter of the application of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc., for Approval to Modify Rider FBS and Rider EFBS electronically filed by Ms. Elizabeth H Watts on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc.