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CASE DESCRIPTION: Norfolk Southern Railway / Hamilton County.
DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
06/22/2015 Memo closing case with an effective date of 6/22/15.
06/22/2015 Memo stating that grade crossing improvements/upgrades have been completed and are in service filed by PUCO Rail Staff.
12/24/2014 Utility Notice electronically filed by Mr. D. Casey Talbott on behalf of Talbott, D. Casey Mr. and Norfolk Southern Railway Company.
12/03/2014 Service Notice
12/03/2014 Finding and order stating that by January 2, 2015, NS file notice that it has initiated with Duke, or any applicable utility, the process to ensure that electric service will be available at the involved grade crossing as set forth in finding (6); ordered that NS follow the detailed instructions as outlined in the ORDC letter of construction authorization and proceed with and complete the project by September 3,2015.
11/12/2014 In the matter of the authorization of Norfolk Southern Railway to upgrade an active grade crossing warning device in Hamilton County.