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CASE DESCRIPTION: Time Warner Cable Business LLC
DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
12/12/2016 Notice of Substitution of Counsel and adding James Perko electronically filed by Mrs. Kimberly W. Bojko on behalf of multiple.
10/02/2015 Notice Substitution of Counsel electronically filed by Ms. Danielle M. Ghiloni on behalf of OMAEG and Trebel, LLC and EMC Development Company and MP2 Energy NE, LLC and Time Warner Cable Information Services (Ohio) and Time Warner Cable Business.
04/29/2015 Letter of Notification 14-827-TP-CIO Comcast-Time Warner (TWCIS) Notice of termination of agreement electronically filed by Ms. Cheryl A Smith on behalf of ComCast-Time Warner
04/24/2015 Case status form to reopen case.
01/14/2015 Case Action Form electronically filed by Michelle A Green on behalf of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.
07/16/2014 Correspondence regarding May 2, 2014 filing electronically filed by Ms. Rebecca L Hussey on behalf of Time Warner Cable Business LLC.
05/02/2014 In the matter of the application to Notify the Commission of a Change in Operations electronically filed by Ms. Rebecca L. Hussey on behalf of Time Warner Cable Business LLC.