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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
02/15/2017 Case Action Form closing cases effective 2/15/2017 filed by S. Parrot.
02/19/2015 Service Notice
02/19/2015 Opinion and order stating that the Stipulation of the parties be adopted and approved.
01/14/2015 Transcript in the matter of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. hearing held on 01/13/15 electronically filed by Mr. Ken Spencer on behalf of Armstrong & Okey, Inc. and Gibson, Karen Sue Mrs.
12/22/2014 Stipulation and Recommendation electronically filed by Ms. Elizabeth H Watts on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc.
11/14/2014 Independent accountants' report file by Deloitte & Touche LLP.
07/24/2014 Revised Tariff pages PUCO Tariff No. 18 - Tariff Rider PIPP electronically filed by Mrs. Julie A. Lee on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio and Jim Ziolkowski.
07/23/2014 Service Notice
07/23/2014 Finding and order stating that Duke's application, as revised, to increase its PIPP rider rate to $0.21642 per Mcf, is approved.
07/01/2014 Comments regarding Duke Energy of Ohio's application for an a filed by PUCO Staff, W.R. Willis.
06/06/2014 Service Notice
06/05/2014 Service Notice
06/05/2014 Attorney Examiner Entry stating that the automatic approval process for Duke's application for approval to adjust its PIPP rider be suspended; electronically filed by Vesta R Miller on behalf of Kerry K. Sheets, Attorney Examiner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.
06/03/2014 Revised Schedule and Tariff Sheet for tariff PUCO No. 18 electronically filed by Carys Cochern on behalf of Watts, Elizabeth H. Ms.
04/21/2014 Application of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. electronically filed by Carys Cochern on behalf of Watts, Elizabeth H. Ms.
03/27/2014 Service Notice
03/26/2014 Entry ordering that the audits of Duke for the effective periods set forth in Findings (2) through (4) be conducted and filed with the Commission pursuant to the directives herein; a public hearing be conducted in the GCR proceeding, consistent with the findings herein, at the date and time specified in Finding (7); Duke publish legal notice in accordance with Finding (8) and Company bear the cost of these audits as provided in Finding (10).
03/26/2014 In the Matter of the Percentage of Income Payment Plan Rider of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc.