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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
11/08/2011 Memo closing case with an effective date of 11/08/11 electronically filed by Michelle A Green on behalf of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.
04/05/2011 Service notice.
04/05/2011 Finding and order stating that Minster's motion for intervention be granted consistent with Finding (9); that Frontier's application for tariff amendment be approved consistent with Finding (11); and that Frontier provide notice of the nonrecurring charge for a facility relocation at the time such request is made by any applicant or any other third-party; with concurring opinion of Commissioners Valerie A. Lemmie and Cheryl L. Roberto.
02/28/2011 Notice of withdrawal and substitution of counsel of record filed by J. Bentine on behalf of Frontier North Inc,
02/28/2011 Notice of withdrawal of comments and objections filed by J. Hearm, Esq on behalf of the Village of Minster Ohio.
01/26/2011 Withdrawal of Matthew S. White from proceedings filed by J. Bentine on behalf of the Chester, Willcox and Saxbe Law Firm.
11/16/2010 Response of Frontier North Inc. to The Village of Minster, Ohio's Motion to Intervene electronically filed by Carolyn S Flahive on behalf of Frontier North Inc.
11/01/2010 Motion to intervene and memorandum in support of the Village of Minster, Ohio, filed by M. Yurick.
10/22/2010 Service Notice
10/22/2010 Entry suspending approval of Frontier's application until the Commission specifically orders otherwise. (LDJ)
10/21/2010 Revised tariff, PUCO No. 7, to replace the new tariff sheet originally filed September 23, 2010 filed on behalf of Frontier Communications by R. Winder.
10/21/2010 Comments and objections and memorandum in support of the Village of Minster, Ohio filed by J. Bentine.
09/23/2010 In the matter of the application of Frontier North Inc. to add a new service to its tariff, PUCO No. 7.