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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
03/21/2011 Memo closing cases with an effective date of 3/21/11 electronically filed by Ms. Katie L. Stenman on behalf of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.
01/26/2011 Withdrawal of Matthew S. White from proceedings filed by J. Bentine on behalf of the Chester, Willcox and Saxbe Law Firm.
07/16/2010 Revised tariff pages, PUCO Tariff No. 18, filed by D. Storck on behalf of Duke Energy.
07/14/2010 Service Notice
07/14/2010 Finding and order granting OCC's motion to intervene; that Duke comply with the Commission's directive in finding(9); that Duke's application to revise its Rider FBS and Rider EFBS rates be approved.
05/26/2010 Comments filed on behalf of The Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel by L. Sauer.
05/14/2010 Motion to intervene and memorandum in support filed on behalf of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel by L. Sauer.
05/11/2010 Letter regarding servicing suppliers and aggregators filed by A. Schafer on behalf of Duke Energy.
05/05/2010 Service Notice.
05/05/2010 Entry ordering that the motion to intervene filed by IGS be granted; that the procedural schedule set forth in finding (5) be observed; that Case No. 10-241-GA-ATA be, now and hereafter, designated as Case No. 10-241-GA-RDR.
03/08/2010 Motion for intervention and memorandum in support of Interstate Gas Supply, Inc. filed by M. White.
02/26/2010 In the matter of the application of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. for approval to modify Rider FBS and Rider EFBS.