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Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: UNC-Unclassified
Date Opened: 6/11/2009
Date Closed:
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03/28/2014Notice of withdrawal of Joseph E. Oliker filed by F. Darr on behalf of McNees, Wallace & Nurick LLC.4
12/03/2012Case Action Form Archive cases electronically filed by Ms. Marta E. Stewart-Bates on behalf of PUCO2
09/28/2011Closed Case action form electronically filed by Ms. Katie L Stenman on behalf of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.2
04/05/2011Service notice.3
04/05/2011Opinion and order stating that the recommendations of the auditor, Silverpoint-Vantage, be adopted to the extent set forth in this order; Duke-Ohio's application for approval of its second amended CSP filed on June 11, 2009, and clarified on June 22, 2009, be granted, contingent upon Duke- Ohio's compliance with our directives delineated in this order.10
11/16/2010Notice of withdrawal of counsel, Joseph M. Clark in these proceedings filed by McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC by J. Oliker.6
10/06/2010Notice of withdrawal of counsel, L. McAlister, filed on behalf of McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC by J. Clark. 5
06/28/2010Correspondence clarifying its response to the recommendations contained in the report filed by A. Spiller on behalf of Duke Energy, Ohio, Inc.3
04/29/2010Comments on the final report of compliance audit of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. filed by A. Spiller on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc.9
04/08/2010Service Notice3
04/08/2010Entry ordering that the procedural schedule set forth in finding (6) be adopted; that the motions to intervene filed by OEG and OCC be granted. (KLS)3
03/29/2010Final report compliance audit of Duke Energy Ohio on behalf of Public Utility Commission of Ohio prepared by Silverpoint Consulting and Vantage Consulting, Inc.114
03/29/2010Joint motion to accept auditor's report instanter and memorandum in support filed by E. Watts on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. 3
03/25/2010Joint motion for extension of time with memorandum in support, filed by J. Buckley on behalf of staff, W. Drabinski on behalf of Silverpoint-Vantage, and A. Spiller on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio Inc.4
09/30/2009Service Notice.2
09/30/2009Entry ordering that Silverpoint-Vantage Consulting be selected to perform the audit activities set forth in this entry; that Duke enter into a contract with the auditor to perform the work required to conduct the compliance audit pursuant to RFP No. U09-CA-1 and the findings of this entry; that the audit of Duke's CSP be conducted in accordance with the provisions of RFP No. U09-CA-1 and the findings of this entry.3
08/26/2009Service Notice.2
08/26/2009Entry ordering that Duke's motion to file its CSP instanter be granted; that the RFP attached to this entry be issued and the proposals in response to the RFP be due by September 21, 2009; that, in accordance with finding (5), Duke bear the cost of the consulting services of the contractor chosen by the Commission; that Duke and the contractor shall observe the requirements set forth herein; that the deadline for entities to file motions to intervene in this case be February 19, 2010.18
07/17/2009Motion and memorandum in support to intervene filed by A. Hotz on behalf of the Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel.8
07/08/2009Motion for leave to intervene and memorandum in support filed on behalf of The Ohio Energy Group by D. Boehm.5
06/22/2009Letter clarifying the term "Second Amended" used on the filing submitted on June 11, 2009 filed by E. Watts on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc.1
06/11/2009Duke Energy Ohio's second amended corporation plan filed by A. Schafer. 57
06/11/2009Motion and memorandum in support of Duke Energy Ohio for leave to file a corporate separation plan instanter filed by E. Watts.4
06/11/2009In the matter of the application of Duke Energy Ohio for approval of the Second Amended Corporate Separation Plan.5