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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
02/02/2006 Final report filed by PUCO staff, case closed
11/23/2005 Service Notice
11/22/2005 Service Notice
11/22/2005 Opinion and Order stating that an exemption, pursuant to Section 4511.63, Revised Code, be granted to allow buses, school buses, and any vehicle transporting a material or materials required to be placarded under 49 C.F.R.. Parts 100-185, to proceed without stopping at the grade crossing located at US 20 (518-643F) in Wood County; ODOT place Exempt signs at the crossing and at other appropriate locations in advance of the crossing.
11/21/2005 Returned certified mail.
11/10/2005 Proof of publication. (Wood County)
11/04/2005 Transcript of proceedings of public hearing and meeting in the matter of the request for an exemption from stopping for school buses at the grade crossing located on U.S. Route 20 (518-643F) Milbury, Wood County, before PUCO staff held October 19, 2005.
09/20/2005 Legal notice publication letter sent to the Daily Sentinel-Tribune. (Wood County)
09/14/2005 Entry ordering that a hearing be set for October 19, 2005, at 1:00 P.M., at the Millbury Elementary School, 28025 Main Street, Millbury, Ohio 43447 and Secretary of Commission shall cause publication in a newspaper of general circulation in Wood County, Ohio, not less than seven days prior to the scheduled hearing. (SF)
09/14/2005 Service Notice
09/08/2005 List of parties of record filed by B. Johrendt, PUCO staff.
09/08/2005 Staff rail investigation and findings filed by B. Johrendt.
08/31/2005 In the matter of the request of the Lake Local School District that the railroad crossing on US 20 in Stony Ridge OH be exempted from school buses being required to stop for this crossing that is not currently in use.