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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: PEX-Petition for extended area service
Date Opened: 2/9/1999
Date Closed: 8/17/2000
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Date FiledSummaryPages
08/17/2000Entry granting the complainants' request to dismiss their complaint without prejudice. (2 pgs.)2
08/04/2000Request to discontinue case filed on behalf of complainant by C. Slone.1
08/04/2000Request to discontinue the petition, filed on behalf of complainant by C. Slone. (1 pg.)1
06/01/1999Letter stating that it will not be necessary to dismiss the case at this time filed by C. Slone. (1 pg.)1
05/28/1999Supplemental Information Response of GTE North Inc. Submitted by: W. Keating. (2 pgs.)2
05/28/1999Letter stating, Ameritech Ohio will not be filing any revenue/cost information in response to Finding (8) of the February 25, 1999 entry; also states they understand the petitioners want to have this case held in abeyance pending a GTE North Pilot Program. Submitted by: S. Rawlings. (1 pg.)1
04/29/1999Answer and information response filed on behalf of respon- dent, GTE North, by W. Keating. (40 pgs.)40
04/29/1999Information response filed on behalf of respondent, Ameri- tech Ohio, by C. Rawlings. (17 pgs.)17
04/29/1999Answer filed on behalf of respondent, Ameritech Ohio, by C. Rawlings. (3 pgs.)3
04/21/1999Affidavit of Judith B. Sanders filed on behalf of WorldCom Technologies by J. Sanders. (1 pg.)1
04/12/1999Affidavit of GTE Communications Corp. filed by P. de Barros. (3 pgs.)3
03/29/1999Affidavit of Judith B. Sanders filed on behalf of MCI Tele- communications Corp. by J. Sanders. (1 pg.)1
03/25/1999Affidavit of LaTrischa Miles on behalf of Sprint Communication Co., L.P. Submitted by: L. Miles (2 pgs.)2
03/24/1999Affidavit of Kim Logue filed on behalf of Qwest Communica- tions Corp./LCI International Telecom Corp. by K. Logue. (2 pgs.)2
02/25/1999Entry ordering that AT&T, MCI, LCI or Qwest, Sprint, World- com, and GTE Long Distance shall provide information re- quired by Finding 4 to GTE and Ameritech, and file an affi- davit with the Commission by March 29, 1999; that GTE and Ameritech should coordinate all the calling information to insure that all the IXCs are supplying calling data from the same calendar month and to ensure that all calling in- formation is submitted to the Commission within the time frames set forth in this entry; that GTE and Ameritech shall file its written answer or other pleading and the information requested in Finding 7 with the Commission and the spokesperson for the complainants by April 29, 1999; that GTE and Ameritech provide the information required by Finding 8 to the Commission and the spokesperson for the complainants by May 21, 1999; scheduling a prehearing con- ference at 1:30 p.m. on May 6, 1999, at the Commission offices. (AE) (8 pgs.)8
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Agranoff, Jay