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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: ARB-Petition for arbitration
Date Opened: 8/16/1996
Date Closed: 6/6/2005
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12/22/1998Supplemental Opinion & Order that the November 16, 1998 interconnection agreement is approved as set forth in this order; that this agreement supersedes all prior intercon- nection agreements between the parties; that no charges in the proposed agreement, including modifications or supple- mental agreements specifically provided for, shall occur without Commission approval; that the interconnection be properly amended relative to the ultimate resolution re- garding the "combination" issues and resubmitted to the Commission for approval; that no assignment or transfer of the rights and responsibilities provided under this agree- ment shall occur without Commission approval; that GTE in- formally meet with the Commission staff for the purpose of discussing the TELRIC studies as provided in this order; that prior to the expiration of this interconnection agree- ment, the parties should provide the Commission with an up- date as to their renegotiation or extension efforts. (9 pgs.)9
12/16/1998Letter stating that neither GTE North nor AT&T Communica- tions of Ohio will object if the Commission requires six additional days to issue its order on or before December 22, 1998, filed by S. Howard. (1 pg.)1
11/25/1998Entry denying AT&T's motion for expedited approval. (AE) (2 pgs.)2
11/24/1998Correspondence regarding the application, filed on behalf of GTE North by J. Kennedy. (10 pgs.)10
11/17/1998Motion for expedited approval of interconnection agreement and memorandum in support filed on behalf of AT&T Communi- cations of Ohio by S. Howard and D. Chorzempa. (6 pgs.)6
11/16/1998Interconnection Agreement, (Attachment A), Revisions to the Interconnection Agreement, (attachment B), Resolution of Open Issues in the Interconnection Agreement, (Attachment C) filed by S. Howard. (410 pgs)410
05/20/1998Reply comments filed on behalf of GTE North Incorporated by J. Stewart. (9 pgs.)9
05/20/1998Response to the comments of GTE North Incorporated support- ing its proposed contract language for outstanding disputed issue, filed on behalf of AT&T Communications of Ohio by B. Kahn. (8 pgs.)8
04/29/1998Submission of AT&T pursuant to the Commission's order of March 30, 1998, filed by B. Kahn. (23 pgs.)23
04/29/1998Comments filed on behalf of GTE North by J. Stewart. (20 pgs.)20
03/30/1998Entry ordering that on April 29, 1998, the parties must either jointly submit a final interconnection agreement for the Commission's consideration or individually sub- mit a list of those issues which they believe are in dis- pute, along with their position and supporting arguments relative to those delineated issues; reply comments must be filed by May 20, 1998. (AE) (3 pgs.)3
03/02/1998Status report filed on behalf of GTE North by J. Stewart. (1 pg.)1
02/27/1998Request that the Commission enter an order setting a date certain for the parties to file a final interconnection agreement, or to identify the issues still in dispute, filed on behalf of AT&T by S. Howard. (2 pgs.)2
01/23/1998Request that the Commission extend the deadline for filing a final interconnection agreement until Friday, February 27, 1998, filed on behalf of AT&T Communications of Ohio by S. Howard; and GTE North by J. Stewart. (2 pgs.)2
11/26/1997Letter requesting the Commission to extend the deadline for filing a final interconnection agreement until January 23, 1998 filed by S. Howard, J. Stewart. (2 pgs.)2
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Attorney General:
Nourse, Steven
Attorney Examiner:
Agranoff, Jay