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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: PEX-Petition for extended area service
Date Opened: 8/8/1994
Date Closed: 8/3/1995
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02/28/1996Revised tariff, PUCO No. 6, Check List, 348th sheet 1; Section 2.3, 27th sheet 3, 20th sheet 5, 6th sheet 6, filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Kennedy. (6 pgs.)6
09/27/1995Letter stating that the in-service date for the institutioin of two-way measured-rate EAS between GTE's Albany and Shade exchanges and GTE's Albany and New Marshfield exchanges is January 26, 1996, filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Kennedy. (1 pg.)1
08/03/1995Opinion & Order that the complainants' request for two-way, nonoptional, flat-rate EAS between the New Marshfield and Shade exchanges is denied, and that the portion of this proceeding pertaining to the institution of EAS, in any form, between those exchanges is dismissed and closed of record; that GTE implement two-way, measured-rate EAS be- tween the New Marshfield and Albany exchanges, and also between the Albany and Shade exchanges, as soon as practi- cable and, in any event, within six months from the date of this Opinion & Order. (20 pgs.) (Concurring in part & dissenting in part by Commissioner Jolynn Barry Butler)20
07/13/1995Response to GTE's investment, costs and revenue impact filed on behalf of complainant by J. Wamsley. (5 pgs.)5
06/28/1995Response to the entry dated May 1, 1995; cost studies and worksheets, Attachments 1-9, statement of methods and assumptions used in studies, revenue cost comparisons and worksheets, Attachments 10-13, filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Stewart. (41 pgs.)0
05/01/1995Entry ordering GTE to provide the commission and serve the spokespersons for the complainants on or before June 30, 1995 the requested cost and revenue information as set forth in finding (4) and that the spokespersons or counsel for the complainants file a statement with the commission no later than July 14, 1995 indicating whether the complain- ants desire the commission to hold a futher hearing on investments, costs, and revenue impact. (AE) (4 pgs.)0
02/07/1995Transcript filed for hearing held 1/18/95, (DF) (KS), 330 pgs., Submitted. (Albany, Ohio)0
01/25/1995Correspondence letter regarding the petition, filed by J. Shade. (3 pgs.)0
01/23/1995Correspondence letter supporting the petition, filed by M. Abel. (1 pg.)0
01/13/1995Proof of Publication filed. (Meigs County) (1 pg.)0
01/11/1995Testimony and attachments of Patricia J. Cook filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Stewart. (27 pgs.)0
01/09/1995Proof of Publication filed. (1 pg.) (Athens County)0
12/16/1994Legal Notices sent to: Athens Messenger (Athens Co.), Daily Sentinel (Meigs Co.), Vinton County Courier (Vinton Co.) Certified Mail.0
12/15/1994Memorandum contra motion of complainants for scheduling of evening public hearings, filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Stewart. (3 pgs.)0
12/13/1994Entry scheduling a public hearing at 10:00 a.m. on 1/18/95 at the Alexander High School, Albany, Ohio. (AE) (4 pgs.)0
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Fullin, Daniel