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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: CSS-Complaint on service or safety
Date Opened: 4/1/1994 1:00:00 AM
Date Closed: 10/25/1995
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Date FiledSummaryPages
06/05/1996Supreme Court # 95-2658 returned. 5 Vols.-Destroyed.0
01/29/1996Supreme Court transmittal papers. (10 pgs.)10
01/22/1996Correspondence letter to Mr. William E. Comley regarding the notice of appeal filed with the Research and Special Programs Administration, filed on behalf of U.S. Depart- ment of Transportation by E. Bonekemper, III. (1 pg.)1
12/29/1995Notice of appeal filed on behalf of complainant by W. Comley. (2 pgs.)2
12/28/1995Notice of appeal filed on behalf of complainant, William E. Comley. (4 pgs.)4
12/14/1995Entry denying the application for rehearing filed by TWC Transportation Corp. (3 pgs.)3
12/01/1995Letter of concern about PUCO staff actions filed on behalf of applicant by W. Comley. (1 pg.)1
12/01/1995Letter asking if judgement has been written and filed as required by law filed on behalf of applicant by W. Comley. (2 pgs.)2
11/20/1995Motion to vacate the Commission's order to waiver of attorney examiner's report and to vacate the Commission's opinion and order or in the alternative a motion for rehearing, filed on behalf of complainant by W. Comley. (6 pgs.)6
10/25/1995Opinion & Order that pursuant to Section 4905.83(A), Revised Code, a total civil forfeiture of $14,290.50 be hereby assessed against TWC Transportation, for the violations set forth in Finding 1; that the compliance order be adopted as set forth herein and in the complaint filed in this case; that TWC Transportation pay the civil forfeiture amount of $14,290.50 by 11/17/95; that the Attorney General is hereby directed to take appropriate action to enforce this Order as provided by law against the respondent should respondent fail to comply with the hazardous material regulations and the compliance order or fail to pay the currently levied forfeiture amount by 11/17/95. (14 pgs.)14
08/16/1995Post hearing brief filed on behalf of respondent, TWC Transportation, by W. Comley. (29 pgs.)29
08/16/1995Post hearing brief filed on behalf of the PUCO staff by W. Wright and G. Rocco. (36 pgs.)36
08/04/1995Transcript for hearing held 8/27/95, (RM), 261 pgs., submit.261
07/27/1995Prepared testimony of William E. Comley filed on behalf of respondent. (51 pgs.)41
07/25/1995Application for subpoena duces tecum for Ronald W. Bruder, filed on behalf of the PUCO staff by G. Rocco. (4 pgs.)4
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Attorney General:
Wright, William
Attorney Examiner: