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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: PEX-Petition for extended area service
Date Opened: 4/20/1992
Date Closed: 1/12/1995
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Date FiledSummaryPages
12/18/1997Revised tariff, PUCO No. 6, Section 2.1, 9th sheet 19, filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Kennedy. (2 pgs.)2
10/22/1997Revised tariff sheets, P.U.C.O. No. 6 filed on behalf of GTE North by J. Kennedy. (6 pgs.)6
10/03/1997Tariff, PUCO No. 2, Section 3, 7th page 1, 10th page 1, 5th page 1, filed on behalf of respondent, Cincinnati Bell, by E. Baldrate. (4 pgs.)4
02/03/1997Letter stating that the in-service date for the institution of two-way flat-rate EAS between GTE's Hamersville exchange, on the one hand, and the Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company exchanges of Cincinnati, Clermont, and Bethel, on the other hand, is October 30, 1997, at 12:01 a.m., filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Kennedy. (1 pg.)1
11/07/1996Second Supplemental Opinion & Order ordering that two-way, nonoptional, flat-rate EAS be instituted between the Hamers- ville Exchange of GTE and the Bethel, Cincinnati, and Cler- mont exchanges of Cincinnati Bell within 12 months of this Order; that the respondents establish an in-service date within four months of this Order, inform the Commission of the date, and advise the Commission not later than 60 days prior to the in-service date in the event the date cannot be met. (4 pgs.)4
10/23/1996Results of balloting conducted in the Hamersville exchange filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by B. Kazee. (2 pgs.)2
10/08/1996Ballots filed on behalf of complainants. (1138 pgs.)1138
08/29/1996Service notice filed.3
08/29/1996Supplemental Opinion & Order that the request for two-way, nonoptional, flat-rate EAS between the Hamersville exchange and the Bethel, Cincinnati, and Clermont exchanges is grant- ed, contingent upon the conducting and filing of a canvass of the Hamersville subscribers; that GTE provide a list of all Hamersville subscribers' names and addresses to the com- plainants within 15 days of this order; that the complain- ants canvass the Hamersville subscribers and report the results to the Commission by 10/16/96; that, after the com- plainants have submitted the ballots collected, GTE should review the ballots and report the results of their review to the Commission no later than 15 days after the ballots are filed. (17 pgs.)17
07/01/1996Information filing, submitted on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Stewart. (2 pgs.)2
06/14/1996Affidavit of Brian D. Hughes filed on behalf of LCI Inter- national Telecom Corp. by B. Hughes. (2 pgs.)2
06/06/1996Affidavit of Judith B. Sanders filed on behalf of MCI Telecommunications Corp. by J. Sanders. (1 pg.)1
05/28/1996Affidavit of Kenton J. Pfister, filed on behalf of AT&T Communications of Ohio by J. Troup. (11 pgs.)11
05/28/1996Affidavit of Angela E. Webster filed on behalf of Sprint Communications Co. L.P. by A. Webster. (2 pgs.)2
02/26/1996Entry ordering that AT&T, MCI, LCI, Sprint, Allnet, and CBLD shall provide information required by finding (1) to GTE and file an affidavit in accordance with finding (2) with the commission on or before May 27, 1996 and that GTE comply with findings (3) and (4). (AE) (3 pgs.)3
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Jennings, L. Douglas