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Purpose Code: ACE-Application for a certificate
Date Opened: 2/7/1992
Date Closed: 2/17/2015
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02/13/2015Memo closing cases with an effective date of 2/13/15.1
08/06/2013Notice of cancellation of Certificate filed by R. Bulgrin, PUCO Staff.1
08/13/1993Certificate No. 81 issued.0
07/07/1993Letter stating that Inmate Phone Services Corporation has provided the Chief of the Compliance Division of the Consumer Services Department with a list of the names and addresses of each of its AOS customers, filed by J. Migden.0
06/03/1993Finding & Order granting application; that the motion to extend time to file information is granted; that the motion to withdraw the application of Equal Access and to substitute Inmate Phone Systems Corporation for Equal Access is granted in Case No. 92-231-TP-ACE.0
04/14/1993Second affidavit of applicant filed by J. Migden.0
12/23/1992Motion to withdraw application and to substitute therein Inmate Phone Systems Corporation by J. Migden.0
12/23/1992Supplemental information filed on behalf of applicant by J. Migden.0
10/09/1992Letter stating that Equal Access Corporation will be trans- ferring certification to Inmate Phone Systems Corporation, filed by J. Migden.0
08/27/1992Attachment A and D to the supplemental information previously filed by J. Migden.0
08/26/1992New originals to be substituted for Attachment A and D of the supplemental information filed on August 24, 1992, filed on behalf of applicant by J. Migden.0
08/24/1992Supplemental information filed on behalf of applicant by J.Migden.0
08/03/1992Letter confirming request by applicant for a three week extension to file the additional information, filed on behalf of applicant by J. Migden.0
07/07/1992Entry ordering that applicant file the additional infor- mation in accordance with Finding 4 by 8/3/92. (AE)0
06/19/1992Tariff, original sheet 25, filed on behalf of applicant by J. Migden.0
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Jennings, L. Douglas