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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: FOR-Forecasting
Date Opened: 4/16/1990
Date Closed: 9/21/1994
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Date FiledSummaryPages
09/21/1994ICN #0119 Entry closing this case of record. (1 pg.)0
10/26/1992ICN #0118 Correspondence letter requesting that scrubbers be used instead of out-of-state coal, filed by Ron and Shirley Harrison.0
08/26/1992ICN #0117 Correspondence letter supporting for scrubbers at the Gavin Plant, filed by D. Robinson.0
07/02/1992ICN #0116 Testimony for PUCO regarding Gavin, Externalities, and rates presented by R. Docie, Hopewell Cooperative, Inc. (PHASE II)0
05/26/1992ICN #0115 Reply filed on behalf of OCC by C. Mooney.0
05/22/1992Correspondence letters sent to the following persons invit- ing them to the meeting of June 5, 1992 in which American Electric Power will outline its new Clean Air Act compliance plan, filed on behalf of the PUCO staff by Chairman Glazer: 1. Ed Brady 2. Sam Randazzo 3. Kevin Duffy 4. Sheldon Taft 5. Jerome C. Tinianow 6. Thomas McNamee 7. Neal Tostenson 8. Peter Papadimos 9. Alan Kodell 10. Thomas E. Myers 11. William L. Wright 12. William A. Spratley 13. Colleen L. Mooney 14. Richard P. Rosenberry 15. Janine L. Migden 16. M. Howard Petricoff 17. Anthony J. Guilliani 18. Marvin Resnik0
05/19/1992ICN #0113 Response to OCC's motion to consolidate, filed on behalf of the AEP companies by K. Duffy.0
05/07/1992ICN #0112 Motion to intervene, motion to consolidate, motion for a hearing, and memorandum in support filed on behalf of OCC by C. Mooney.0
01/03/1992ICN #0111 Letter stating that IEC will consider not pursuing an appeal of the Commission's decisions in this proceeding, and signed by parties agreeing that IEC's decision not to appeal this proceeding shall not be used in any other proceeding, filed on behalf of IEC by R. Rosenberry; the PUCO staff by J. Gainer; OCC by C. Mooney; and Ohio Power Company and Columbus Southern Power by E. Brady.0
11/07/1991ICN #0110 Entry denying IEC's application for rehearing and granting in part the application for rehearing filed by Sierra. (PHASE II)0
11/04/1991ICN #0109 Memorandum contra the application for rehearing of The Industrial Energy Consumers and The Sierra Club, filed on behalf of OCC by C. Mooney. (PHASE II)0
10/24/1991ICN #0107 Application for rehearing and memorandum in support filed on behalf of John Jacobs, Curt Zimansky, and the Sierra Club by J. Migden. (PHASE II)0
10/24/1991ICN# 0108 Industrial Energy Consumers' application for rehearing and memorandum in support filed by S. Randazzo and R. Rosenberry. (PHASE II)0
10/17/1991ICN #0106 Request for clarification and memorandum in support filed on behalf of IEC by S. Randazzo and R. Rosenberry. (PHASE II)0
09/24/1991ICN #0105 Opinion and Order ordering that AEP strongly consider the Commission's findings set forth in this Order in the course of its continuing planning process for complying with the requirements of the 1990 amend- ments to the Clean Air Act; and that AEP report back to the PUCO staff and parties of record the results of its further analyses and investigations of the recom- mendations set forth in this Order on its compliance strategy at Gavin. (PHASE II)0
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Attorney General:
McNamee, Thomas
Attorney Examiner:
Deerwester, Steven