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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: WS-WATER & SEWER
Purpose Code: ACE-Application for a certificate
Date Opened: 12/29/1988
Date Closed: 8/9/1989
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Date FiledSummaryPages
11/06/1989Certificate No. 38 issued to Salt Fork Utility Co.0
08/18/1989Certificate No. 33 issued.0
08/15/1989Tariff sheet, PUCO No. 1, filed by D. Griem on behalf of applicant.0
08/09/1989Finding & Order granting application and certificate be issued.0
07/26/1989Tariff sheets for water and sewer PUCO No. 1, filed on be- half of applicant.0
07/25/1989Letter filed by D. Greim on behalf of applicant, requesting the Commission waive Rule 4901:1-15-03(C)(5).0
07/20/1989Affidavit filed by C. LaRue on behalf fo applicant.0
07/18/1989Affidavit of Carl A. La Rue filed on behalf of the applicant by D, Greim.0
06/06/1989Proof of Publication filed. (County/Guernsey)0
06/05/1989Letter filed on behalf of the applicant requesting Mr. C Keith Plummer be added to the mailing list filed by D. Greim.0
06/05/1989Proof of Publication filed. (County/Guernsey)0
06/02/1989Correspondent letter filed on behalf of the Salt Fork Campground Property Owners Association filed by R. Hendrick P.E.0
05/30/1989Verified statement of Carl La Rue filed by D. Pemberton.0
04/26/1989Entry ordering the applicant to submit additional infor- mation before May 19, 1989. Ordered that applicant cause publication of legal notice with proof to the Commission by June 2, 1989.0
04/21/1989Tariff sheets, PUCO No. 1, filed on behalf of applicant.0
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Fullin, Daniel