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Case Title: GCR RATE RULES 4901:1-14-1,5,8 OAC
Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: GA-GAS
Purpose Code: ORD-Administrative order
Date Opened: 10/14/1986
Date Closed:
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07/15/2005Independent Accountants' report on the Uniform Purchased Gas Adjustment Rates for the year ended October 31, 2004 filed on behalf of Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio, Inc.5
02/13/2004Independent Accountants' Report on the Uniform Purchased Gas Adjustment Rates for the Year Ended October 31, 2003, filed on behalf of applicant by Deloitte & Touche LLP.5
05/10/1988Memo stating rules 4901:1-14-01, 4901:1-14-05 and 4901:1-14-08 OAC are being filed for adoption with effec- tive date of May 20, 1988.0
04/27/1988Entry on Rehearing denying OCC's application for rehearing.0
04/07/1988Application for Rehearing of the Office of the Consumers' Counsel, State of Ohio, filed by J. Pepper.0
03/08/1988Entry adopting amendment to rules 4901;1-14-01 and 4901;1- 14-08 OAC.0
04/15/1987Renewed Comments of The East Ohio Gas Company, The River Gas Company, and West Ohio Gas Company, submitted by R. Advil, Jr.0
04/15/1987Comments of Dayton Power & Light Company, submitted by E. Rizer.0
04/15/1987Comments of National Gas & Oil Corporation, submitted by P. McGonagle.0
04/15/1987Additional Comments of the OCC, submitted by J. Pepper.0
03/17/1987Entry requiring any additional comments be filed by 4/15/87.0
12/17/1986Comments of The Ohio Gas Association filed by D. Pemberton.0
12/17/1986Comments of The Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company filed by D. Marshall.0
12/17/1986Comments of The East Ohio Gas Company, The River Gas Company and West Ohio Gas Company filed by R. Avil, Jr.0
12/17/1986Comments of The National Gas & Oil Corporation filed by P. McGonagle on behalf of National Gas & Oil Corporation.0
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