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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ACE-Application for a certificate
Date Opened: 10/7/1986
Date Closed: 10/11/1990
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03/06/1991Certificate No. 77943-I issued.0
11/26/1990Protest withdrawn on behalf of Blair Cartage by K.C. Blair, Jr.0
10/11/1990Opinion & Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.0
07/11/1990Applicant's verified statement; Carl Schaefer III/Carl Schaefer III, owner, filed.0
06/12/1990Shipper's verified statement; Nature's Bounty/Michael Fellenstein, assistant manager, filed.0
06/12/1990Shipper's verified statement; Deercreek Auto & Truck Parts/ George Lemaster, manager, filed.0
09/20/1989Protest withdrawn on behalf of Gregory Brothers, Inc. by J. Alden.0
09/20/1989Protest withdrawn on behalf of Clary Trucking,Inc., by J. Alden.0
06/15/1989Protest withdrawn on behalf of Propane Transport, Inc., by M. Spurlock.0
06/09/1989Protest withdrawn on behalf of Refiners Transport & Terminal Corporation by J. A. Kundtz.0
06/06/1989(AMENDED AUTHORITY) Transportation of commodities in bulk, from and to points in Oickaway County. RESTRICTER AGAINST (1) Dry bulk commodities in tank and hopper vehicles (except for asphalt and cement.) (2) Liquid fertilizer solutions and liquified petroleum gas. (3) Demineralized and deirionized water, in bulk, from and to Harrison Township, except where otherwise authorized. (4) Paints, stains, varnishes, paint products, paint materials and plastics, in bulk, in tank vehicles from and to Pickaway Township, except where otherwise authorized. (5) Commodities in dump trucks and unloaded by dumping. (6) Petroleum nd petroleum products, benzol and benzine, in bulk, in tank vehicles.0
06/06/1989Amended Exhibit A, filed by E. Merwin on behalf of applicant0
06/06/1989Protest withdrawn on behalf of Matlack, Inc., by S. Pierce.0
03/15/1989Trans., for hearing held on 2/28/89, (RM) Submitted Vol. I, 1-12 pages.0
02/21/1989Letter advising that J.Duvall will be the new counsel for Newark Transfer, Inc,, protestant.0
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