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Case Title: BUCKS, INC.
Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ACE-Application for a certificate
Date Opened: 7/11/1986
Date Closed: 10/28/1988
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11/30/1988Certificate No. 69467-I issued.0
11/02/1988Letter filed by D. Turano on behalf of applicant, request- ing name to read Bucks, Inc. rather than Buck's, Inc.0
10/28/1988Opinion & Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.0
09/29/1987Shipper verified statements of following, filed by D. Turano on behalf of applicant. 1). Steven J. Burris, Transportation Manager/Metokote Corp. 2). Richard W. Hussey, Vice President/Metal Coating Company 3). Robert J. McCollow, WHLS. MGR./Palmer Donavin Mfg. Co. 4). Roger Wicker, Asst. Mgr./Moore's Lumber 5). William A. Mumaugh, Pres./W & B Mumaugh Tool Mfg. Co. 6). Alice White, Sec/Tres/Aircraft Dynamics 7). B. Terry Jackson, Manager Traffic/Sohio Oil Company 8). David Beery, Traffic Manager/Sewer Rodding Equip. Co. 9). Darlene Anspach, Traffic Manager/Moss Mfg. Co.0
09/29/1987Verified statement of Charles S. Price, Vice President, Bucks, Inc., filed by D. Turano.0
07/09/1987Entry requiring applicant to file notice of publication and all required verified statements by August 31, 1987. (AE)0
06/24/1987Letter filed by J. Stiverson on behalf of following, re- questing protests be withdrawn. 1). Geiger Transportation, Inc. 2). Haldon S. Miller Trucking, Inc.0
06/22/1987Letter filed by B. Ferris on behalf of Garner Trucking, Inc., requesting protest be withdrawn.0
06/18/1987Letter filed by E. Merwin on behalf following, requesting protests be withdrawn. 1). Troyer Trucking, Inc. 2). Otis Wright & Sons, Inc.0
06/18/1987Letter filed by S. Oliver on behalf of following, requesting protests be withdrawn. 1). Sigel's Hauling, Inc. 2). Dot Lines, Inc. 3). Pruitt Moving & Storage Company0
06/12/1987Amended Exhibit 4, revised service description, filed by D. Turano.0
06/12/1987(AMENDED AUTHORITY) Transportation of property, except commodities in bulk, household goods, office furniture and fixtures. from and to Allen County, Ohio. RESTRICTED AGAINST: 1. Service from and to Lima, Ohio and its commercial zone as the boundaries existed May 20, 1986, except where otherwise authorized; 2. Service from and to points in Amanda, Marion, Monroe, Jackson, Auglaize, Spencer, Sugar Creek, and Richland Townships, except where otherwise authorized. 3. The transportation of farm commodities, livestock, lime, grain, feed, fertilizer, tent shows, and property requiring low heavy-duty trailers; 4. Service from and to points within three (3) miles of Lima, Ohio as its boundaries existed May 20, 1986, except where otherwise authorized; 5. Service from and to Hume, Ohio, except where otherwise authorized; and 6. Service from and to points within eight (8) miles of Vaughnsville, Ohio, except where otherwise authorized.0
06/11/1987Entry explaining certain procedures that must be followed.0
06/03/1987Transcript for hearing held May 21, 1987, (EC) 25 pages, Submitted.0
04/09/1987Entry scheduling hearing at 10:00 a.m. May 21, 1987 at the office of the Commission. (AE)0
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