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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: PEX-Petition for extended area service
Date Opened: 7/8/1986
Date Closed: 6/21/1988
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03/12/1990Revised tariff sheets, PUCO No. 6, filed on behalf of GTE North Incorporated by J. Kennedy.0
03/08/1990Revised tariffs, PUCO No. l, effective 3/15/90, filed on behalf of respondent, Ohio Bell, by L. Soeder.0
08/08/1989Letter filed by J. Kennedy on behalf of GTE North Incorp- orated, informing the Commission that the in-service date is 3/15/90.0
06/27/1989Information Response of the Ohio Bell Telephone Company filed by A. Sedory.0
06/21/1988Supplemental Opinion & Order granting request for two-way, nonoptional EAS between the Phillipsburg Exchange of GTE North, Inc. and the Dayton Exchange of Ohio Bell.0
06/13/1988Letter filed by B. Kazee on behalf of GTE North Incorporated0
06/10/1988Letter filed on behalf of GTE North stating that they do not request a hearing on the canvass conducted by the complainants filed by B. Kazee.0
05/06/1988Canvass Results filed by J. Spicer on behalf of respondents.0
03/28/1988Entry ordering the results of the canvass in this case shall be filed no later than 5/6/88; Ordering that within thirty days of the date on which canvass results are filed with the Commission, GTE and Ohio Bell shall reveiw the ballots and notify the Commission of their positions on the final tally and whether thry desire a further hearing on the canvass. (AE)0
03/24/1988Request for extension of time to conduct canvass of subscribers pursuant to Rule 4901:1-07, O.A.C., filed by J. Spicer.0
02/17/1988Opinion and Order denying request for EAS between Phillip- sburg exchange and Trentwood exchange and Vandalia exchange. Granting EAS between Phillipsburg exchange and Dayton exchange contingent upon the filing of a canvass.0
01/05/1987Transcript for hearing held December 10, 1986, Vol I, 193 pages, (DF) Submitted.0
12/05/1986Testimony and Attachments of Kim O. Mazzon filed by B. Kazee on behalf of General Telephone Company of Ohio.0
12/04/1986Testimony of David L. Schiska filed by A. Sedory on behalf of Ohio Bell Telephone Company.0
12/04/1986Testimony of Andrew C. Hirsch filed by A. Sedory on behalf of Ohio Bell Telephone Company.0
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Fullin, Daniel