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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: AIR-Application to increase rates
Date Opened: 4/4/1986
Date Closed: 10/14/1986
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Date FiledSummaryPages
10/14/1986Entry granting motion to withdraw application.0
10/07/1986Notice of withdrawal filed by A. Buchmann on behalf of applicant.0
09/17/1986Letter filed by C. Gambol, Clerk/Treasurer on behalf of Village of Roaming Shores, Relative to opposing the rate increase on behalf of applicant.0
09/09/1986Resolution No. 1986-92 filed by the Village of Oakwood, Ohio submitted by R. Zuppert, Clerk of Council.0
08/10/1986Exhibit 7A, updated supplemental written testimony of W.R. Ridmann filed by C. Smith.0
08/10/1986In response to request, foreword, table of contents, and index for the workpapers filed for Schedules S-4.1 and S-4.2 in CEI's updated filing, submitted by T. Moran.0
08/04/1986Entry granting Industrial Energy Consumers intervention.0
07/20/1986Letter filed by L. Hines on behalf of the PUCO staff, Relative to the revised form of notice filed with the Commission on July 15, 1986 has been reveiwed and approved.0
07/17/1986Exhibits filed on behalf of applicant: (1A)- Schedules A,B, C, D, F and S; (2A)- Schedule E; (1B)-Schedules A,B,C,D,F and S; Working Papers for Exhibit 1B and 2B; (2B)-Schedule E (3A)-Schedule S; (5A)-Supplemental Written Testimony of R.R. Holmes; (6A)-Supplemental Written Testimony of R.A. Ziegler; (7A)-Supplemental Written Testimony of W.R. Ridmann; (9A)- Supplemental Written Testimony of R.J. Jirousek; (10A)- Supplemental Written Testimony of G.L. Moore; (11A)- Supple- mental Written Testimony of B.A. Frastaci; (12A)-Supple- mental Written Testimony of R.A. Soucie; (13)-Schedule E- 3.2 and Working Papers;0
07/17/1986Exhibits filed on behalf of applicant. (14A)- Supplemental Written Testimony of C.S. Martin; (15A)- Supplemetal Written Testimony of W.H. Brewer; (16A)- Supplemental Written Testimony of F.P. Sener; (17A)- Supplemental Written Testimony of J.F. Murphy; (18A)- Supplemental Written Testimony of C.J. Sweet; (19A)- Supplemental Written Testimony of T.R. Whitfield; (20A)- Supplemental Written Testimony of T.R. Moran; (21A)-Supplementa Written Testimony of P.A. Solanics; (22A)-Supplemental Written Testimony of G.C. Huter; (24)-Written Testimony of C.E. Zitzman; (25)-Written Testimony of W.B. Kinde;0
07/17/1986Exhibits filed on behalf of applicant; (26)-Written Testimony of C.E. Chancellor; and Working Papers for Exhibit 3A.(Vol I of II), (Vol II of II).0
07/16/1986Petition of The Industrial Energy Consumers for Leave to Intervene filed by L. Bell.0
07/14/1986Revised form of notice filed by T. Moran on behalf of applicant.0
07/02/1986Entry granting Senior Citizens Coalition, Greater Cleveland Welfare Rights Organization, United Seniors, Low Income People Together, and the Western Reserve Alliance inter- vention.0
07/02/1986Entry granting CEI's motion for an extension of time until July 18, 1986 to file its two-month update material, in- cluding supplemental testimony.0
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