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Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: CSS-Complaint on service or safety
Date Opened: 12/15/2016 4:25:59 PM
Date Closed: 10/1/2019
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10/01/2019Case Action Form closing cases with an effective date of 10/01/19 electronically filed by Ms. Mary E. Fischer on behalf of Megan J. Addison, Attorney Examiner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.2
08/01/2019Supreme Court Document, case 2019-0274 - the joint motion to consolidate with Case 2019-0273 is denied. The Appellee's motion to dismiss it is granted. Accordingly this cause is dismissed.1
03/22/2019Supreme court transmittal papers. 7
03/22/2019Service Notice4
02/22/2019Notice of Appearance of Counsel and Notice of Withdrawal of Counsel electronically filed by Shelli T. Clark on behalf of Christopher T. Kennedy.3
02/21/2019Notice of Appeal of Cynthia Wingo. (S.C. #19-0274)47
02/11/2019Returned Mail - Crawford Communities LLC -Undeliverable.1
02/04/2019Return Mail - Gateway Lakes Acquisition LLC - UTF/ not deliverable as addressed (third entry on rehearing 1/9/19)1
01/09/2019Service Notice4
01/09/2019Third entry on rehearing ordered, That the Complainant's application for rehearing of the Jan. 17, 2018 Entry be denied. It is, further, ordered, That AEP Ohio's motion to intervene and application for rehearing of the Nov. 21, 2017 Order be granted as to such intervention, but denied in all other respects.16
04/10/2018Notice of Appearance of Counsel electronically filed by Mr. Christopher J. Allwein on behalf of Crawford Hoying, Ltd.3
03/14/2018Service Notice4
03/14/2018Second Entry on rehearing granting the Complainant's application for rehearing of the 1st EOR be granted for further consideration of the matters specified therein.5
02/26/2018Memorandum Contra to Complainant's Application for Rehearing electronically filed by Mr. Michael J. Settineri on behalf of Nationwide Energy Partners, LLC.8
02/16/2018Application for Rehearing electronically filed by Ms. Rebekah J. Glover on behalf of complainant, Ms. Cynthia Wingo.8
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Attorney General:
Attorney Examiner:
Bulgrin, Richard
McKenney, Bryce