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Case Title: Cobra Pipeline Company LTD
Industry Code: PL-PIPE LINE
Purpose Code: AIR-Application to increase rates
Date Opened: 8/15/2016 3:40:30 PM
Date Closed: 8/31/2023
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08/31/2023Case Action Form closing the case with an effective date of 8/31/23 electronically filed by Debbie S. Ryan on behalf of Patricia A. Schabo, Attorney Examiner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.2
12/07/2020Supreme Court Document - Motion granted for dismissal in the matter of Cobra Pipeline Company, LTD for the Increased Rates and Charges issued by Chief Justice maureen O'Connor.1
11/24/2020Notice of Change of Firm Affiliation electronically filed by Ms. Kari D Hehmeyer on behalf of Alexander, Trevor Mr.3
07/08/2020Service Notice4
07/08/2020Supreme Court Transmittal Papers, Supreme Court case # 20-0708.19
06/08/2020Notice of Appeal filed by Cobra Pipeline Company, Ltd. S.C. #20-0708.175
05/12/2020Supreme Court Document - Upon consideration of appellee’s motion to dismiss, it is ordered by the court that the motion is granted. Accordingly, this cause is dismissed.(S.C. #2019-1544)1
04/08/2020Service Notice4
04/08/2020Fourth Entry on Rehearing Cobra's application for re-hearing filed on 10.11.19 is denied. electronically filed by Mrs. Kelli C King on behalf of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.15
12/09/2019Service Notice4
12/09/2019Supreme Court Transmittal Papers filed by PUCO Staff. (S.C. #19-1544)23
12/06/2019Service Notice2
11/18/2019Return Mail Cobra Pipeline Co.LTD Gas Supply Analyst Third Entry on Rehearing dated 11/6/2019 for Not Deliverable as Addressed unable to forward.1
11/14/2019Cobra Pipeline Company, LTD's Notice of Address electronically filed by Mr. Justin M Dortch on behalf of Cobra Pipeline Company, LTD.3
11/08/2019Notice of appeal filed by Cobra Pipeline Company, LTD (S.C. #19-1544)49
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Attorney General:
Margard, Werner
Eubanks, Robert
Attorney Examiner:
Parrot, Sarah
Walstra, Nicholas