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Case Title: Ohio Power Company
Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Date Opened: 3/16/2016
Date Closed:
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08/09/2021Notice of Withdrawal of Counsel and Designation of Counsel of Record of Environmental Law and Policy Center electronically filed by Ms. Caroline Cox on behalf of Environmental Law and Policy Center.7
07/13/2021Ohio Power Company's Amended Portfolio Plan electronically filed by Mr. Steven T Nourse on behalf of Ohio Power Company.10
06/14/2021Service Notice.11
06/14/2021Attorney Examiner Entry ordering that each EDU file an amended plan to re-establish its program portfolio plan to the extent provided by R.C. 4928.661 within 30 days of the issuance of this Entry and ordering that objections to all or part of an amended plan be filed within 15 days of the filing of the amended plan electronically filed by Heather A Chilcote on behalf of Gregory A. Price, Attorney Examiner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.5
02/24/2021Service Notice11
02/24/2021Finding & Order confirming that the statewide collective benchmark of 17.5 percent has been met with approximately 19.8 percent cumulative energy savings by the EDUs, collectively and terminates the EE/PDR cost recovery riders in accordance with R.C. 4928.66 electronically filed by Kelli C. King on behalf of The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.6
02/01/2021Staff Report electronically filed by Kristin DuPree on behalf of PUCO Staff.4
01/13/2021Service Notice11
01/13/2021Fourth Entry on Rehearing granting the application for rehearing filed by Duke Energy Ohio filed on December 18, 2020, for the purpose of further consideration of the matters specified in the application for rehearing. electronically filed by Ms. Mary E Fischer on behalf of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.6
12/30/2020Service Notice.11
12/30/2020Entry approving the proposed compliance tariffs filed by the electric distribution utilities regarding their respective energy efficiency and peak demand reduction program cost recovery riders, setting the riders to zero subject to final reconciliation, effective January 1, 2021 electronically filed by Heather A. Chilcote on behalf of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.6
12/28/2020Memorandum Contra Duke Energy Ohio, Inc.'s Application for Rehearing of The Ohio Manufacturers' Association Energy Group electronically filed by Mrs. Kimberly W. Bojko on behalf of OMA Energy Group.9
12/28/2020Memorandum Contra Duke Energy's Application for Rehearing by The Office of The Ohio Consumers' Counsel electronically filed by Mrs. Tracy J Greene on behalf of Healey, Christopher.11
12/18/2020Duke Energy Ohio Inc.'s Application for Rehearing electronically filed by Mrs. Debbie L Gates on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio Inc. and D'Ascenzo, Rocco O. Mr. and Vaysman, Larisa.18
11/30/2020Ohio Power Company Submits Its Compliance Tariff, PUCO No. 20, 11th Revised Sheet Nos. 481-1 and 481-1D, electronically filed by Mr. Steven T Nourse on behalf of Ohio Power Company.4
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Attorney General:
Jones, John
Attorney Examiner:
Augostini, Lauren