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Industry Code: GA-GAS
Purpose Code: CSS-Complaint on service or safety
Date Opened: 9/19/2014
Date Closed: 3/5/2019
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03/05/2019Case action form closing cases with an effective date of 3/5/2019 filed by S. Parrot.1
11/29/2017Service Notice.5
11/29/2017Second Entry on Rehearing ordering that the application for rehearing filed by Orwell-Trumbull Pipeline Company be denied.22
10/31/2016Letter of notification regarding change of address and firm affiliation electronically filed by Mr. Devin D. Parram on behalf of Energy 95 dba Quake Energy and Northeast Ohio and Ecova, Inc. and Brainard Gas and Orwell Natural Gas and People Working Cooperatively.2
08/03/2016Service Notice5
08/03/2016Entry on Rehearing granting OTP the application for rehearing for further consideration of the matters specified in the application.3
07/14/2016Joint Motion to Dismiss electronically filed by Ms. Gina M Piacentino on behalf of Orwell Natural Gas Company.3
06/15/2016Service Notice5
06/15/2016Opinion and Order that this case be dismissed: the arbitration provision of the Agreement be suspended until further ordered by the Commission: Orwell's request for refunds be denied.49
02/05/2016 Notice of Withdrawal on behalf of Mark S. Yurick electronically filed by Mark Yurick on behalf of The Kroger Company and Orwell Natural Gas Company.4
01/08/2016OTPC's Reply to ONG's and OCC's Post-Hearing Briefs electronically filed by Mr. Justin M. Dortch on behalf of Orwell-Trumbull Pipeline Company, LLC.4
01/08/2016Reply Brief of Orwell Natural Gas Company filed by Devin Parram electronically filed by Mr. Devin D. Parram on behalf of Orwell Natural Gas.28
01/08/2016Reply Brief by the Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel electronically filed by Ms. Jamie Williams on behalf of Mr. Ajay Kumar.14
01/08/2016Reply Brief submitted on behalf of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. electronically filed by Mrs. Tonnetta Y. Scott on behalf of PUCO.36
12/16/2015Orwell-Trumbull Pipeline, LLC's Post-Hearing Brief electronically filed by Mr. Justin M Dortch on behalf of Orwell-Trumbull Pipeline Company, LLC.5
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Farkas, Scott