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Case Title: Ohio Power Company
Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: UNC-Unclassified
Date Opened: 11/22/2013
Date Closed: 1/11/2016
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01/11/2016Memo closing cases with an effective date of 1/11/16.1
10/02/2015Notice Substitution of Counsel electronically filed by Ms. Danielle M. Ghiloni on behalf of OMAEG and Trebel, LLC and EMC Development Company and MP2 Energy NE, LLC and Time Warner Cable Information Services (Ohio) and Time Warner Cable Business.3
05/26/2015Notice of Withdrawal of Jonathan A. Allison on Behalf of Ohio Manufacturers' Association (OMA), OMA Energy Group (OMAEG), and Fiber Technologies Networks, LLC electronically filed by Mrs. Kimberly W. Bojko on behalf of Ohio Manufacturers' Association.4
09/03/2014Notice of Substitution of Counsel Jonathan Allison for Mallory Mohler electronically filed by Ms. Cheryl A. Smith on behalf of The Ohio Manufacturers' Association.2
03/28/2014Notice of withdrawal of Joseph E. Oliker filed by F. Darr on behalf of McNees, Wallace & Nurick LLC.4
03/26/2014Service Notice4
03/26/2014Opinion and order stating that the Stipulation filed by AEP Ohio and Staff be approved and adopted in its entirety.10
03/12/2014Transcript of Ohio Power Company hearing held on 02/25/13 at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, 180 E Broad Street, Columbus Ohio 43215, hearing room 11-C, electronically filed by Mrs. Jennifer Duffer on behalf of Armstrong & Okey, Inc. and Jones, Maria DiPaolo Mrs.21
02/24/2014Stipulation and Recommendation electronically filed by Mr. Steven T Nourse on behalf of Ohio Power Company.8
02/19/2014Service Notice4
02/19/2014Attorney Examiner Entry granting motions to intervene; electronically filed by Vesta R Miller on behalf of Greta See, Attorney Examiner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio3
02/06/2014Prefiled Testimony of Joseph P. Buckley submitted on behalf of the Staff of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio by Assistant Attorney General Thomas McNamee. electronically filed by Kimberly L Keeton on behalf of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.14
01/17/2014Motion to Intervene of OMAEG Memorandum in Support electronically filed by Ms. Rebecca L Hussey on behalf of OMAEG7
12/23/2013Correspondence with corrected version of Exhibit TEM-1 electronically filed by Mr. Yazen Alami on behalf of Ohio Power Company.3
12/10/2013Service Notice2
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Attorney General:
McNamee, Thomas
Attorney Examiner:
See, Greta