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Industry Code: GA-GAS
Purpose Code: RDR-Application to establish tariff riders that do not have another specific code.
Date Opened: 11/30/2010
Date Closed: 11/23/2015
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11/23/2015Case Status Form closing case with an effective date of 11/23/2015.3
01/23/2012AMRP 2011 Construction Jobs Fourth Quarter Report filed by R. D'Ascenzo on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio.7
10/26/2011Progress report for the Third Quarter of 2011 filed by Rocco D'Ascenzo on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio. 6
08/12/2011Submission of late-filed exhibit filed E. Watts on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc.4
07/25/2011Progress report for the second quarter of 2011 filed by R.O. D'Ascenzo on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. 7
07/14/2011Service notice.2
07/14/2011Entry ordering the parties' request for and extension of time, to September 6, 2011, to file the late-filed exhibit be granted. (SJP)2
07/01/2011Joint motion for extension of time and memorandum in support within to file report filed on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. by E. Watts.5
06/08/2011Release of Confidential Document Stipulation Exhibit 2 originally filed April 8, 2011.8
05/11/2011Revised tariff PUCO No. 18, filing in compliance with the Commission's Order dated May 4,2011 in the above referenced cases are four (4) copies of Rider AMRP, Sheet No. 65 with updated index filed by P. Laub on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio.6
05/06/2011Revised tariff pages PUCO Tariff #18 filed by P. Laub on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio.6
05/05/2011Service Notice2
05/04/2011Opinion and order stating that Duke's motion for a protective order be denied and no sooner than June 6, 2011, the Commission's docketing division shall remove the redacted information contained in Stipulation Ex. 2, as filed on April 8, 2011, from the sealed record in these cases and place it in the public file; the stipulation of the parties be adopted and approved; Duke take all necessary steps to carry out the terms of the stipulation and this order; with concurring and dissenting opinion of Commissioner Cheryl L. Roberto.15
04/27/2011Exhibits for transcript for proceedings held 4/12/11.3
04/26/2011Transcript of Duke Energy Ohio hearing held on 04/12/11. electronically filed by Mrs. Jennifer Duffer on behalf of Armstrong & Okey, Inc. and Guzzo, Deborah Mrs.15
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Attorney General:
Beeler, Steven
Wright, William
Attorney Examiner:
Parrot, Sarah