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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: MER-Application for merger
Date Opened: 6/1/2005
Date Closed:
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05/19/2010Memo archiving case with an effective date of 05/19/10 electronically filed by Mr. Scott E. Farkas on behalf of the PUCO.2
05/03/2010Reply memoranda to Duke Energy of Ohio contra memorandum, motion to intervene in Case # 09-757-El-ESS and motion to appeal to intervene in Case # 09-1946-EL-RDR/ATA, still pending filed by A. Lane, consumer.10
04/23/2010Revised motion to intervene with service list, file by A. Lane.8
04/14/2010Memo automatically closing case with an effective date of 4/14/10.1
04/09/2010Corrected motion to intervene and request for public hearing filed by A. Lane.5
04/08/2010Motion to intervene filed on behalf of Albert E. Lane.5
03/08/2010Memorandum in opposition to Albert E. Lane's motion to intervene filed by A. Spiller and M. Dortch on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc.8
03/02/2010Request that the attorney examiners accept late filed comments of A. Lane.2
03/01/2010Request PUCO to reactivate and merge all of PUCO docket # 08-709-El-AIR with PUCO docket # 09-1946-EL-ATA/RDR, and to be reinstated as an intervenor filed by A. Lane, consumer.15
07/21/2009Application for rehearing filed by A. Lane, intervenor and customer.23
06/10/2009Memorandum, statement pro retaining all of Albert E. Lane's Correspondence filed by A. Lane. 5
06/10/2009Letter updating the synopsis of the filing of June 6, 2008 and March 31, 2009 News Release by OCC, filed by A. Lane, intervenor.3
06/09/2009Updated update to synopsis filed June 6, 2009 and copy of OCC's news release of 3/31/2009 filed on behalf of Albert E. Lane. (FAX)3
06/08/2009Updated synopsis of intervener, Albert E. Lane.6
06/04/2009Request for a hearing in reference to the late-filing of Schedule A-1 filed by Duke Energy and request for the listed witnesses to appear at the hearing on June 17, 2009 filed by A. Lane, intervenor. 4
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Attorney General:
McNamee, Thomas
Attorney Examiner:
Kingery, Jeanne