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Case Title: STANDARDS AT CHAPTER 4901:1-21
Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: ORD-Administrative order
Date Opened: 3/1/2002
Date Closed:
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12/21/2005Entry ordered that EDU's and CRES providers remove Ohio Electric Choice contact information from customer bills as soon as feasible of when current bill stock is depleted. The Commission waives EDU and CRES provider compliance with rule 4901:1-10-33(C)(18)and Rule 4901:1-21-18(C), O.A.C, as set forth in finding (5).2
12/21/2005Service Notice16
11/09/2005Entry ordering that applications for rehearing filed by OCC, NOPEC, and LICA are denied.7
09/28/2005Finding and order extending the hours of the Commission's call center and granting a waiver for portions of various administrative code rules in relation to statutory changes mandated by Amended House Bill 66.6
08/26/2004Service Notice5
03/24/2004Supplement to the motion for waiver of certain requirements pursuant to O.A.C. 4901:1-10 et seq. and 4901:1-21 et seq. filed on behalf of The Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company by T. McIntosh.9
01/13/2004Motion for waiver of certain requirements pursuant to O.A.C. 4901:1-10 et. seq.. and 4901:1-21 et. seq. and memorandum in support filed on behalf of The Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company by P. Colbert7
07/08/2003Third Entry on Rehearing denying WPS's application for rehearing as discussed in this entry.6
07/08/2003Service Notice5
07/01/2003Entry ordered that WPS's applications for rehearing is granted for the limited purpose of allowing the Commission additional time to consider the issues raised on rehearing.7
06/16/2003Memorandum contra WPS Energy Services, Inc.'s application for rehearing, filed on behalf of Columbus Southern Power and Ohio Power by M. Resnik.4
06/06/2003Application for rehearing, filed on behalf of WPS Energy Services, Inc. by M. Petricoff.6
05/08/2003Second Entry on Rehearing ordering that FirstEnergy's application for rehearing in regards to ESSS Rule 22(B)(23), O.A.C is denied and granted as to ESSS Rules 29(E) and 29(I) and CRES Rule 6(B), O.A.C; that ESSS Rule 29(E) and (I), and CRES Rule 6(B), O.A.c. be amended as discussed in this entry and reflected in the attached rule revisions.23
03/18/2003Entry on Rehearing, ordered that NewEnergy's motion for leave to file an application for rehearing is granted, that the attached amendments to Chapter 4901:1-21 are hereby adopted, the applications for rehearing are granted or denied as discussed; copies of the adopted revisions be filed with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review, the Legislative Service Commission, and the Secretary of State in accordance with divisions (D) and (E) of Section 111.15, Revised Code, Ordered that rule revisions be effective as of the earliest date permitted by law. Unless otherwise ordered by the Commission, the review date for Chapter 4901-121, O.A.C.,shall be September 30, 2007, ordered that each CRES provider cooperate with the EDU to implement a process to address pre-PIPP arrearages in accordance with Rule 6 (B)(3).77
11/22/2002Service Notice.4
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