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Industry Code: GA-GAS
Purpose Code: ORD-Administrative order
Date Opened: 6/12/2001
Date Closed: 2/15/2017
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02/15/2017Case Action Form closing case effective 2/15/207 filed by S. Parrot.1
11/09/2005Entry ordering that applications for rehearing filed by OCC, NOPEC, and LICA are denied.7
09/28/2005Finding and order extending the hours of the Commission's call center and granting a waiver for portions of various administrative code rules in relation to statutory changes mandated by Amended House Bill 66.6
08/26/2004Service Notice16
09/23/2003Tariff pages filed on behalf of applicant by H. Liebman.83
09/03/2003Service Notice.15
09/02/2003Third Finding & Order that DEO's July 31, 2003 proposed tariff revisions are approved; that this case be closed of record.3
07/31/2003Revised tariffs filed on behalf of East Ohio Gas Company by H. Liebman.168
07/01/2003Entry ordering that June 11, 2003 application for rehearing filed by the Ad Hoc Coalition in this proceeding is denied.19
06/19/2003Correction filed on behalf of the Ad Hoc Gas Coalition by J. Migden.1
06/17/2003Application for rehearing filed on behalf of The Ad Hoc Gas Coalition: Energy America, Energy Cooperative of Ohio, Shell Energy Services Co., and Volunteer Energy Services by J. Migden and M. Petricoff. (FILED 6/11/03)6
05/14/2003Second Finding & Order that DEO's motion to strike the November 1, 2002 report of the Ad Hoc Group filed in Case No. 01-1371-GA-ORD is denied; that the motions to intervene in Case No. 01-1371-GA-ORD filed by ProLiance and the Ad Hoc Coalition are denied; the motions to intervene in Case Nos. 02-2895-GA-ATA and 02-2903-GA-ATA filed by ProLiance and the Ad Hoc Coalition are denied; the motions to intervene in Case Nos. 02-2895-GA-ATA and 02-2903-GA-ATA filed by Stand are denied; the motions to permit John M. Dosker to appear on behalf of Stand in Case No. 02-2895-GA-ATA and 02-2903-GA-ATA are granted; that the motion to consolidate Case Nos. 01-1371-GA-ORD, 02-2895-GA-ATA, and 02-2903-GA-ATA is denied; the request for mediation of the disputed tariff provisions in Case Nos. 01-1371-GA-ORD, 02-2895-GA-ATA and 02-2903-GA-ATA is denied; the motion for a hearing is denied; that DEO incorporate the required revisions set forth in this decision and file newly revised tariffs for Commission consideration.27
03/06/2003Entry ordering that DEO's first November 1, 2002, waiver request is withdrawn and the remaining aspect of DEO's November 1, 2002 waiver request is granted; that the requirement of Rule 4901:1-29-12(B)(12), O.A.C. is hereby waived for DEO until otherwise determined by the Commission; DEO shall still fulfill the intent of this administrative rule in the matter set forth in this entry.2
02/25/2003Letter filed on behalf of applicant, DEO is not withdrawing its request for a waiver of rule 4901:1-29-12(B)(12), and renews its request that the Commission grant the waiver, by H. Liebman.1
01/10/2003Reply to Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company's Memorandum Contra, filed on behalf of Ad Hoc Coalition of gas suppliers by J. Migden and M. Petricoff.10
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Petrucci, Gretchen